Chapter 8

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The man—who you learned was named Philza but insisted you call him Phil—led you back to his cottage where provided you clean clothes, dinner, and a nice couch to spend the night. You appreciated his generosity, finally able to take a breath and not worry about guards showing up at any moment. However, even with his kind gestures, you couldn't seem to fall asleep.

Every time your eyes closed, one of two things would happen. Tyche would be taken away again in front of your eyes but this time you couldn't do anything but watch as she was dragged away from your view, thrashing and screaming in the guard's grip. It was haunting, seeing the little girl you had such a strong bond with being ripped from your life and led to have to do who knows what.

Then, there was the moment that you sliced through that guard's arm. It was like you could still feel the blood soaking into your clothes and you could still hear the agonizing cries as you ripped the sword away. The cut that you made was easily fatal, you knew that, but you had no time to think about it as you were escaping. Now that you were sitting in silence, though, it was hard not to think about it. You have never come so close to dying until that moment, but you have also never come so close to killing someone until that moment. You weren't used to violence, the only fights you would see would be sparing events in the courtyard that were clearly set up and regulated. The thought that you got so close to killing someone formed a pit in your stomach.

"Oh, I'm surprised you're still awake."

A sigh fell from your lips as you sat up on the couch, the blanket Phil offered you earlier still wrapped around you.

"I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight," You admitted.

Phil stepped away from the bedroom where Tyche was asleep and walked towards the kitchen. "Then you can sit over here with me. I'll even make some tea."

You slowly got up from where you were sitting and made your way to Phil's kitchen, where a small table surrounded by four chairs was placed in the middle. A small lit candle sat in the middle of the table, illuminating the small place. The fire in the furnace did a much better job at emitting light and it also provided a bit of warmth.

After setting the kettle on the rack in the furnace, Phil took a seat at the table, gesturing for you to take the seat next to him. You took his offer and sat quietly in the seat, hands rested in your lap.

Phil gently smiled before trying to start up the conversation. "How did you meet Tyche?"

Your breath got caught in your throat at the question. Tyche already defended you earlier but if Phil found out you kept Tyche in the mansion all this time would he get upset?

Phil must have sensed your unease because he quickly added on, "I won't be mad at you. Usually, it takes a long time for Tyche to warm up to people but she seems to really care about you."

His affirmation made your chest warm. "It might take a while," You stated, glancing over to the pitch-black window. "I don't want to keep you up."

Phil chuckled, "You're saying that as if I sleep. You can start from the beginning."

You looked up at him only to receive a nod. "I worked for the Greshams as a housekeeper. My family has worked closely with theirs for generations. So, they trusted me to take care of Tyche when they took her in for trespassing."


"Yes, that's what the Greshams claimed." Phil motioned for you to continue after pausing. "When I first met Tyche, I didn't know she could speak English so I tried to speak piglin."

Phil's eyes widened at your confession but didn't interrupt you.

"Obviously that didn't work too well but at that point, I think she trusted me enough to talk to me. We ended up becoming really close through the next week so Tyche eventually told me that she was taken from the nether by some of Gresham's guards."

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