Chapter 14

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This chapter starting with a Techno POV has nothing to do with the poll, just a coincidence :)


Forty-eight hours.

Forty-eight long, grueling hours were coming to an end and Technoblade couldn't feel any more conflicted. With only half an hour left stuck in the fortress, he was happy to finally be able to look for his daughter himself.

However, he also felt defeated. It was childish of him to hope for Tyche's reappearance while he was stuck for the past two days. He'd been waiting for weeks just imagining her high-pitched laugh and crooked smile. To think that two days could change anything was stupid. It didn't matter if he sent a hundred guards to search for her, he needed to do it himself.

Another fifteen minutes.

Technoblade was already dressed in his netherite armor, a sword crafted from the same powerful material resting at his hip. All of his equipment had a purple reflection to it, showing off the enchantments put on them. At this point, those didn't matter. Technoblade was certain he could defeat a thousand soldiers with only his pickaxe.

Five minutes.

The pigman hybrid rechecked his bag, mentally counting for every item he had. Enchanted golden apples, turtle master potions, strength potions, invisibility potions—heck, he even had the materials to summon withers if he had to! All he had to do now was wait for the swiftness potions to brew.


Technoblade's blood boiled. "What now, Dream? It's been 48 hours, are you really going to try and convince me to wait again?"

Dream crossed his arms, shaking his head disappointingly at his friend. "I have some news from the guards."

"If it's not important then I don't want to hear it," Technoblade seethed, gathering the completed swiftness potions from the brewing stand.

"Tyche is back."


"Why didn't you say that first?!"

Technoblade quickly made his way to the ender chest in the back corner of the room, sped up by the swiftness potion he accidentally dropped. Normally he would be embarrassed by the simple mistake but at this point, he didn't care. As the pigman hybrid started returning valuable items in his chest, he spoke to his green friend.

"Is she okay?"

"Yes, but she's been taken to get checked out in medical just to be sure."

The answer made the tenseness in Technoblade's body start to diminish, hands becoming less frantic as he threw off his armor.

"Tyche wants to speak to you but, uh, there's another thing that you should know about."

Technoblade raised his head from the glowing chest, eyes boring into Dream's smiling mask.

"She was found with a human in the Nether."




Technoblade groaned, hands squeezing his head tightly. The voices filled his head, screaming so loud he thought his head would burst. It took immense power for Technoblade to calm them down enough to speak again.

"I told the guards no mercy."

Dream inched closer to the door, eyes not leaving his friend for a millisecond. Sure, Dream was very skilled in combat but he wasn't stupid. Technoblade was clearly out of it and if he snapped, Dream would not want to be in his path.

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