Chapter 21

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Tyche was on high alert once you made it to Technoblade's room, overwhelmed by what had just occurred in the ballroom. Dream didn't help with her rising anxiety, rushing around the room to close the curtains tightly and check every nook and cranny. While it made you feel safe to know the room was secure, it also validated what happened in the ballroom.

Someone tried to assassinate you.

You couldn't stand to think about it for too long. If you did, you'd probably go insane with paranoia. Instead, you set your focus on Tyche.

The small girl was terrified. It reminded you of when you first met her, standing isolated in young Gresham's office. She looked out of place, so shaken up by the experience that her playful attitude completely disappeared. Even though she seemed like she was never going to fall asleep last night, you told her to take Technoblade's bed for the night. When she looked up at you with wide eyes, you assured her that you'd be up the whole night in one of the armchairs across from the bed.

Tyche didn't like your offer but was too afraid to speak up. Instead, she shakily grabbed your arm and yanked you onto Technoblade's bed with her, cuddling close to your dorm. She allowed you to adjust into a more comfortable position, leaning against the backboard of the bed, before she rested her head in your lap.

"I'm scared."

Her voice was quiet and brittle. You started to gently scratch her head in response, trying to ease her nerves enough to where she could sleep. When she continued to pull on her fingers, you decided to speak up.

"Take a deep breath, Tyche."

The young girl did as she was told, taking in a deep breath and then exhaling slowly.

"Right now, we're in a safe place. Dream's right outside the door and I'm sure he'd run right in if there was anything suspicious."

Tyche only nodded slightly. You felt terrible that you weren't sure how to comfort her at the moment. You didn't want to make any promises, especially ones you weren't absolutely sure about. And at the moment, you weren't sure about a lot of things.

"It's okay to be scared," You murmured, combing your fingers through her hair. "I think everyone's a bit frightened right now."

The small girl rolled over, facing towards the ceiling so she could lock eyes with you. Her lips were pulled into a large frown, her nose was red along with her swollen eyes. There were still unshed tears lying in her eyes. She spoke so softly that you had to strain your ears to hear her.

"Will my dad be okay?"

The question just about broke your heart. You struggled to answer her right away, mind flashing back to the conversations with your mother. While you weren't sure what exactly Technoblade did at the fortress, you knew how Tyche felt. She was scared for her dad, not knowing whether he was going to come back hurt or not. The only way you could think to comfort her is to say exactly what your mom said to you those days.

"Your dad is very strong," You soothed, "I'm sure he'll be okay. This is what he's trained for."

At least, that's what you assume. Based on the way he reacted after the arrow pierced the column, you guessed that Technoblade must be familiar with what to do in those situations. Although your world seemed to slow down after seeing the arrow that just about stuck you, Technoblade's reaction time was surprisingly quick, springing into action and leading you and Tyche out of the ballroom. His demeanor also led you to believe he was powerful. His tall build helped with that thought but it was mostly in the way he held himself.

Tyche broke eye contact with you, changing her focus to the ceiling.

"As soon as Technoblade comes back, I'll wake you up, okay? And the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner he'll be back."

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