Chapter 27

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You took advantage of your free day, sleeping in until you could no longer stand to be in bed, eating snacks whenever you wanted, reading until your heart's content. It was a day filled with peaceful silence, one that you've been craving for years.

However, the peaceful tranquility passed as quickly as it arrived, and you were thrown back into the chaos of life as you paced around your room, worried about what you were going to say at the family dinner.

From what you knew, the family consisted of Phil, Tubbo, Tommy, Tyche, and Technoblade. You'd met them all before and felt comfortable eating with them but for some reason being invited to something so personal to them made you feel like you needed to contribute something more. It was stupid and you knew that, but your mind wouldn't listen to you.

Your pacing stopped as you went through the list in your head again. An awful pit formed in your stomach, making you feel slightly nauseous.

Was Phil going to be there?

It was the question you were eager to know the answer to, but it was also the question that you dreaded to know the answer to. You still felt a sense of guilt at his absence in the Nether. You didn't know where he went after he sacrificed himself for you and Tyche. While you knew that Phil was strong and could handle himself in just about any situation, there was still something that nagged at you. Maybe you shouldn't have left him, maybe you should have just let him take Tyche to the Nether and sacrificed yourself.

Would he blame you?

You shook your head, not from denial but to just rid your head of the thought.

Shortly after, you took off to the small dining room, afraid to let your mind wander to such thoughts again. When you entered, Technoblade was sat at one end of the table with Tyche perpendicular to him. You scanned the area, realizing the table only consisted of 6 chairs. Partial reflex filled your system because that meant you didn't have to worry about meeting a lot more people. Quickly, you took the seat next to Tyche, offering them both a polite smile.

"I hope I'm not late." You knew you weren't late but you used it as an excuse to start a conversation.

"You're not," Technoblade responded, "We're still waiting for Tommy and Tubbo to show up."

"We could just eat without them," Tyche suggested, sending her dad a mischievous look.

The grown hybrid rolled his eyes at her but couldn't stop the small smile from forming on his lips.

"That would be rude, Tyche," Technoblade tried to scold her but it didn't sound very serious, especially with the slight smile still present on his face.

"It's their fault for not getting here early," Tyche tried to reason, plucking a dinner roll from one of the baskets in the middle.

Technoblade watched her as she took a bite out of the roll and sunk into her seat with a content smile. He shook his head at her but didn't say anything, finding her actions a bit amusing.

Just as Tyche opened her mouth again, Tommy and Tubbo walked through the door, giggling from their earlier conversation. When Tommy caught sight of the dinner roll in Tyche's hand, it suddenly went quiet.

"Hey, that's mine!" Tommy argued, stomping over towards the table.

Tyche's face twisted, "Doesn't have your name on it."

Tubbo took the seat across from you as Tommy glared at the girl, getting ready to make another comment. Technoblade quickly intercepted before he could say anything, though.

"Tommy, sit down."

Tommy grumbled under his breath but followed him anyway, taking a seat in the chair across from Tyche.

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