Chapter 29

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Your body collided with the floor harshly, causing your mind to spin and lose focus again. When your vision cleared, you could see Dream standing above you, hands straight by his sides. You could practically see the frown behind his smiling mask. He made no move to help you up as he usually did, instead, he simply stared down at you as you pushed yourself from the floor.

Dream was ready to give up on you for the day. He could tell that you definitely weren't in the right mind to train today, especially with the number of times he caught you off guard with a move you've been deflecting since the beginning of your training. Maybe giving you a day off wasn't the right choice.

When you woke up this morning, you felt energized and ready to start the day. You were excited to get back to training and show Dream how much you've improved since you started. Since the incident with Technoblade that morning, however, your mood completely switched. No matter how much you tried to shake it off, you couldn't stop thinking about what it meant. Sure, he was a naturally quiet person but it was abnormal for him to completely ignore you like that, especially when the two of you were getting along so well over the past few weeks.

... Could he be going back on his word?

There's no way, he's not the kind of person to do that. Technoblade would also know that Tyche would be unforgivingly upset with him. Maybe that's why he couldn't look at you, though.

The thought made you clench your fists and purse your lips, refocusing your attention on the green man in front of you. While you readied yourself for another attack, Dream stood there like he was taking a nap standing up.

"C'mon, Dream. I'm ready."

"No, you're not," He responded simply.

Your stance faltered slightly but you quickly regained it, starting to glare at him. "Let's go, I'm not going to wait all day."

Normally, you wouldn't try to taunt him but you were just so upset that you needed to get it out somehow.

The man sighed in response, his head dipping low as he swiftly laughed at you. You readied your hands, bringing your arms in front of your face to block his punch but he instead went for your feet, swiping them from underneath you. Once again, you tumbled to the ground and your head hit the mat with a loud thump.

Dream stared down at you like before, annoyance bristling his skin. "You're forgetting the basics."

You squeezed your eyes shut, feeling a dull headache begin to form where you bumped your head. Dream was right, you were forgetting the basics. The thoughts and emotions swirling in your head were blocking your combat reasoning skills. Despite that, you rose back up and got ready again, sinking into a lower stance.

Dream shook his head at you and turned away, starting to gather his stuff from the table.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Your voice came out harsh, even though you didn't mean it to.

"We're done for today."

"You can't quit yet, I still have another hour."

"Unless you get whatever you're thinking about off your chest, nothing is going to happen in the next hour."

At that, Dream turned back around to face you and hoisted himself onto the table. The green hooded man patted the empty space next to him, motioning for you to take a seat.

You squinted at him, body curling inwards at the thought of spilling everything to him. Was he trying to become your therapist?

Dream tilted his head at your hesitation, leaning back onto his hand. It was a stalemate for a few seconds, neither of you backing down from your positions. Ultimately, you decided to give in, knowing that Dream was too stubborn to give up.

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