Chapter 9

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Shortly after the sun rose, Phil begrudgingly woke you up to get ready to leave. He was kind enough to wait until the last minute, knowing that you needed as much sleep as you could get. However, you all still needed to leave early if you wanted to get to the portal as soon as possible.

As you walked through the front door, you adjusted the strap of your bag. The small bag was refilled with nonperishable food and a water container. Your book was still tucked nicely in the bottom of the bag, hidden by the items stacked on top of it. The sword that you stole rested on your hip, held by a scabbard Phil insisted you take.

Tyche yawned as she walked out behind you, slumping over to express her tiredness. She carried a small backpack filled with similar items, however, Phil made sure to make it light. Despite this, Tyche's hooves still clunked against Phil's wood porch as if she was being weighed down.

Phil stepped out behind her, adorning a similar outfit as yesterday: a green tunic that was cinched to his waist with a line of silk, green pants that matched his tunic, Geta sandals, and a long, robe-like dark coat. On his head lay his signature green and white striped hat. His own sword rested similarly on his hip but the scabbard hid its purple glow.

After shutting and locking his door, Phil turned and placed his hand on Tyche's head, guiding her gloomy form to you.

"If we head in this direction, we should be able to reach the capital by tonight."

Your eyebrows furrowed, remembering the conversation you had years ago with your parents. If you left the mansion (which you did) then it should take at least 3 days to reach the capital. Wouldn't that mean you would have at least two nights before you got there?

"Wait, wouldn't it take at least two full days to get there? That seems really quick."

Phil shrugged nonchalantly. "Usually, but I know a few useful shortcuts."

Philza led the way, starting to walk through the forest as if he'd memorized it. His posture was relaxed but by the way he walked and his eyes skirted along the trees, you could tell he was alert. His strides were kept short, making sure that Tyche could effortlessly keep up with his pace.

"Why can't you just fly us there?" Tyche asked before being overcome by another yawn.

Phil chuckled, glancing at Tyche. "Flying could alert any guards lurking around and I don't want to start up an unnecessary manhunt."

Tyche grumbled, crossing her arms across her chest, which made Phil shake his head in amusement.

"You're acting a lot like Tommy. I think we need to limit the time you spend with him," Phil hummed.

Tyche's half-lidded eyes blew wide, her jaw dropping. "I'm not acting like Tommy!"

You smiled at her outburst, although you were lost about who exactly they were talking about. Tyche started ranting about how she wasn't like Tommy, saying that she was 'less annoying' and 'funnier' than him. She also tried to argue that she was overall better than him.

As her rant dwindled down, you decided to go ahead and ask, "Who's Tommy?"

Phil's eyebrows raised at your question. "I'm surprised Tyche never told you."

Tyche rolled her eyes. "I mentioned him before, I just didn't want him to feel special for being named."

Phil laughed, placing his hand on his chest. "Tommy is one of my sons," He answered.

"Oh!" You exhaled, "Is he the one that you said was self-centered?"

Phil broke into another laugh and the piglin hybrid tried to defend herself.

"I said I didn't mean it that way!"


By the time the sun went down, Phil already set up a place to stay for the night. It wasn't anything fancy, a few blankets and sheets to cushion the forest floor. Tyche was given several blankets for the night, still sensitive to the cold after living in the nether for so long. Phil set up a small fire to keep everyone warm but was careful of not making it spread or grow too much.

Tyche fell asleep within a few minutes of laying down, exhausted from another full day of traveling. Oh, what you'd give up to be able to just fall asleep like that. Normally, it wouldn't take you too long to fall asleep but similar to last night, you just couldn't seem to close your eyes without your stomach turning. You spent a while just laying on your back silently before you heard someone shuffle.

Phil was still situated upright, leaned against a tree as he gazed into the fire. Before you started to doubt yourself, you stood up from your spot on the ground and sat next to Phil, curled up in your blanket.

"Can't sleep?"

You shook your head at his inquiry. "I could really use some of your tea right about now."

A smile broke out on Phil's face. "Did it help yesterday?"

"Yeah," You sighed, "And...thank you for listening to me yesterday."

Phil patted your shoulder reassuringly. "It's the least I could do."

You and Phil sat in front of the fire, the two of you staring at the flames as they danced along the twigs. For some reason, Phil felt so comforting and his presence just oozed a patient and welcoming energy that made you feel relaxed. As you sat beside him, however, you could tell that Phil was thinking very deeply about something.

"What's on your mind?" You asked. Phil tilted his head at your question, causing you to immediately add on, "You don't have to tell me. I just thought maybe it'd help—y'know, like how you listened to me yesterday."

Phil quietly chuckled, waving you off before his small smile eventually dissipated.

"Tommy visited me a couple of days ago telling me Tyche was missing," Phil confessed. You nodded your head to indicate you were listening. "I just—I wish I could tell them that she's here and safe and that we're taking her back home."

"I get it," You sighed. You took a minute to think about the book nestled in the bottom of your bag. "I'm afraid I don't know about any messaging systems in the nether."

Phil let out his own deep sigh. "If Tommy was still in the overworld I could send him a message but he went through the portal two days ago."

You pondered about what Phil said for a few moments. You weren't familiar with any way Phil could send a message to Tommy unless he delivered it himself, especially if he was isolated in the woods. As if he could sense your confusion, Phil elaborated on what he was talking about.

"I'm sure you noticed I'm not fully human," He joked, gesturing to the dark wings folded behind him. "I'm actually part crow. So, I can basically communicate with crows and ask them to carry messages for me. However, crows and the nether don't exactly...mix."

"Does that mean you can't travel in the nether?"

"I can," Phil answered, "I just can't fly well there. And if I tried, my wings would basically be destroyed."

You hummed at the new information. Phil didn't let you think long about it though, gently pushing you from your position beside him.

"It's time for you to sleep, we have a long day tomorrow."

You stood up but instead of heading back to your bed (if you could call if that), you turned back to Phil. "But what about you? You need sleep too."

"I'll fall asleep," Phil assured you, "But not until you do first."

You frowned at him, causing a teasing smile to spread across his face.

"Fine," You gave in, "But you have to promise me you'll get some sleep tonight."

Phil rolled his eyes in an exaggerated manner.

"I promise."

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