Chapter 30

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Since the conversation in the library, your life in the Nether had never been better. All the tension and hesitancy between you and Techno had disappeared and you two grew closer every second you spent together. Going to the library after Tyche went to bed was a daily routine but instead of reading, the two of you seemed to drift into a non-ending conversation with each other. Every word that came out of Techno's mouth seemed to pull you in, every brain cell focused on him rather than the book in your lap.

One night, his soothing voice seemed to lull you to sleep in the armchair of the library. As soon as you realized you woke up tucked in your bed the next morning, you were overwhelmed with embarrassment. Techno must have realized you were asleep and carried you to bed. You felt ashamed he had to carry you, wishing he'd just woke you up and told you to go to bed. However, the more you thought about it the more your heart warmed. Technoblade had to have cared enough about you to try not to wake you up and put you to bed.

Your relationship with Tyche also seemed to grow. The day after being told that Tyche wasn't Technoblade's biological daughter (and being told she was scared to tell you herself), you went to her room as normal. She didn't realize that Techno had told you at that point until you asked out of the blue, "Why were you scared to tell me?"

Tyche immediately knew what you were asking about and began to shy away, avoiding eye contact and curling up. "I didn't know how you'd react," She whispered in response.

You knew it wasn't the full truth but you didn't push any more from her. It didn't take much to realize that she was afraid you wouldn't accept her because Techno wasn't her real father. After being told everything, the pieces seemed to slowly fall in place. The Greshams being afraid of keeping Tyche, Dream asking if you knew Techno, the way people in the fortress would interact with him, all of it clicked in your head. Techno was obviously someone with a lot of power and influence, and Tyche being his daughter made her a huge target for his enemies.

She was worried that if you found out she wasn't biologically related to him then you wouldn't want anything to do with her. Maybe some people would, the people focused on obtaining power and notoriety. You, on the other hand, didn't have a clue about Techno before you met Tyche and you didn't care that he was in a place of power.

"Tyche, look at me," You told her softly. Her brown eyes locked onto yours but her head was still tilted down in shame. You gently reached for her face and lifted her chin up with your finger, smiling at her. "I love you for you. Nothing will ever change that."

Tears pooled in her eyes as she lunged at you, engulfing you in a large hug. You held her head and rubbed her back as she cried on your shoulder. Your arms stiffened around her when you saw a flash of color outside the open door to her room but relaxed when you recognized the flowing red material.

The following day Tyche resumed educational lessons with her tutors. Techno let Tyche take a break a while after the kidnapping incident to let her settle back in. Since things didn't seem as bad at the moment (although he knew there was more to come), he decided it would be best for Tyche to start learning again. Tyche would often complain to you about having to do homework, claiming that she had absolutely no interest in any of it. You'd caught her multiple times with her face tucked into a book, even if she refused to admit it.

Sometimes you would help Tyche with her work, giving her advice on how to work out problems and put them in the perspective of the real world. It made you think about how your mother used to do the same thing, teaching you whenever she had the time. It was heartwarming to think about being able to do the same for Tyche.


Technoblade had called Dream into his office only to inform him that you wouldn't be training tomorrow and to cancel the Elder meeting. At the news, Dream tilted his head at the man in front of him, a hidden smirk beginning to form under his mask.

"May I ask why?"

Dream wasn't stupid. He could see how close you and Technoblade had gotten. You'd often stare into the distance or talk about him during your water breaks and Technoblade would do the same thinking about you. It made him sick to the stomach to see both his friends so infatuated with each other. Don't get him wrong, he was happy for the both of you, but he didn't want to be in the middle of it. Dream didn't deal with emotions like that well, it wasn't something he was comfortable with even thinking about. That didn't stop him from teasing you both about it, though. As long as it didn't get too sappy.

"We just have plans for tomorrow," Technoblade responded, refusing to go into any more detail. Dream could see the slight tinge of pink on his face.

"Oh? Did you finally ask them on a date?"

Technoblade eyes shot up to him, his mouth hanging slightly in shock. "No," He denied quickly, "I'm just taking them somewhere tomorrow."

"Will Tyche be with you?"


Dream shrugged, "Seems like a date to me."

Technoblade's red eyes glared daggers at the green man for his teasing. Technoblade wasn't stupid either. He often excused the things you did by saying he had to pay you back for saving Tyche but he knew that was a lie now. There was more to it, some kind of feeling deep inside his chest that was urging him to think about you, to do things for you, to take care of you. It was unfamiliar but not unwelcome. Technoblade felt it clearly but he refused to put a name to it, he didn't want to ponder on it too much, though he couldn't help but think about you more now.


You tapped your foot on the carpet, drumming your finger on the page of the book in your hands. The impatient feeling inside you grew every time you looked at the clock. He must have been caught up with something, as he was usually there by that point. Quickly, you turned your book around and made sure the cover was right-side up. You didn't want to imagine the embarrassment if he walked in and saw you reading a book upside down.

Hearing the click of the door, you rushed to turn the book back around, fumbling with the pages in your hand for a moment. You hoped you didn't look as disheveled as you felt. As soon as you saw his face, you felt strangely calm, a comfortable smile growing on your face.

Techno didn't hesitate to offer you one back, taking a seat in the armchair across from you. Your eyes questioningly peered at his hands, realizing he didn't grab a book from the shelf like he usually would. It wasn't like it truly mattered, you two would usually just talk instead of reading anyway, but it was weird for him to switch his routine.

"I wanted to ask you something," Techno started, chewing on his lip. The thought of you saying no made him worried. He was sure you'd say yes but... there was always a chance.

You nodded at him to continue.

"Would you like to explore the Nether with me tomorrow?"

A warmth spread through your chest the moment he asked the question. It wasn't something you were expecting but it was great nonetheless. You've had a lot of conversations about the Nether before, which mostly consisted of you asking him questions about what the different biomes looked like and how certain mobs were. The thought of being able to see the Nether made you smile, the thought of your father in the back of your mind.

"I would love to."

Techno almost sighed in relief at your answer. He hoped it wasn't insensitive for him to ask. He knew that exploring the Nether was one of the things your father wished to do before he disappeared and, based on his conversations with you, he thought you wanted to do the same thing. The smile on your face was contagious, making the corners of his lips rise as well.

The two of you tried to ignore the thumping in your chests, but it was hard to do that when you were looking into each other's eyes.



After so many fanfics, it still feels weird to write fluff like this but I don't regret it. I was smiling the entire time I was writing this. I hope this chapter has made you all just as happy.

Have a great day/night <3

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