Chapter 11

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Breathe in...

Breathe out...

Breathe in...

Breathe out...

The task was simple. You did it every day without even thinking. However, at this moment, it was strenuous. You had to meticulously keep track of how you breathed and keep your surroundings in check. If you let out the slightest breath at the wrong time, your cover, and consequently Tyche's and Phil's, would be blown.

Every breath, every step, every motion had to be planned within milliseconds. It should have been apparent that it would never work, especially with the number of people surrounding the area and the impossibility of slipping between the guards standing shoulder to shoulder. It was a false sense of hope, hope for everything to go smoothly, hope to be able to get past without any issues. And it all crumbled with a single touch.

Even though you moved as cautiously as you could, you didn't anticipate the forceful tug on your hand, making you stumble without a thought towards Tyche. The mistake could have been salvaged, but it all happened at the wrong time and place. As you stumbled, your shoulder managed to catch the side of another person, causing them to twist around, hand shooting out aimlessly towards you.

The stranger's hand just managed to grip your wrist, latching onto it so tightly that you had to bite your lip to keep yourself from crying out. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, your cover was already blown.

Despite the shock that most likely traveled through his body, the man gripping your invisible wrist only held on tighter before thrusting your arm in the air and yelling towards the guards.

"Hey!" His raspy voice boomed, making several people stop in their tracks. "This person's invisible!"

The announcement caused people to gasp, faces morphing into ones of fear. Your heart thumped painfully as you tried to pry yourself out of the stranger's grip, but it was too strong. No matter how much effort you put into it, the man's grip stayed just as strong, starting to even pull you along with him as he made his way to the guards.

Your mind ran frantically, switching your attention from the man's grip to Tyche's. Should you let go? You didn't want her to get caught too but this wasn't even accounted for in your backup plan. Although you questioned it, the answer was already set in your mind, you couldn't get her involved.

Just as you were about to let her go, the man's stronghold suddenly disappeared. Your eyes shot to him, widening at the sight of his arm twisting.


The familiar disembodied voice thrust you back into reality, your fingers latching onto Tyche's tightly. Your mind was racing but was only focused on one goal: getting Tyche home. While everyone gawked and screamed at the man's twisted arm, you took the moment as an opportunity to slide past people, pulling Tyche closer to the circle of guards.

It sounded stupid but it was the only opportunity you had, As if all your luck hit at once, the tight circle of the guards broke apart, leaving an opening big enough for you and Tyche to slip through.

Your motions were quick but still calculated as you snuck past the guards and ran into the giant purple portal. You held Tyche close to you as your mind fogged. The sensation was like nothing you felt before. Your mind spun, causing a nauseous feeling to settle into your stomach. Your eyes closed at the bright light emitting from the purple hue. Your body felt like it was floating midair, only the feeling of Tyche keeping you grounded,

It felt like hours before Tyche pulled you from the portal, making you step into another overwhelming environment. The air was warm and humid, making your breathing impossibly harder. Your struggle to adjust to the new environment made you wobbly, feet messily stumbling over one another. Tyche held onto you tightly as your eyes surveyed your surroundings, begging your mind to keep up.

The guards were grouped in one place but not surrounding the portal like in the overworld. Their attention also wasn't focused on their job, instead focused on each other as they laughed.

You kept up with Tyche as she tugged you along with her.

Everything was red. And hot.

Small patches of fire were lit on the ground but didn't seem to spread. Large drop-offs surrounded you, leading to something you could only fathom as a painful death. You recognized the liquid that bubbled at the bottom. It was one of the only things you could recognize. Lava.

"Watch your step," Tyche whispered as the guards behind you let out noisy laughs.

Once you noticed where Tyche was leading you, you hesitated, eyes darting around the narrow path. It seemed crazy, the only thing keeping you from your doom being a long, narrow footpath located directly next to a wall. It seemed so narrow, in fact, that it looked about half the length of your foot.

"Now is not the time to test balance, Tyche, there has to be another way."

Tyche huffed, pulling your arm harder towards your ultimate doom. "I know it looks scary but it's the fastest way," Her voice was soft but had a strong underlying like she was trying to assure you it was going to be okay.

You swallowed thickly before continuing with Tyche. At this point, you had no clue how much longer your invisibility potions would last. Also, if Tyche was right and knew her way back home from here, then you'd just have to bite back your fear. This was for her. And Phil.

Tyche led you to the cliff, slowly stepping onto the small platform. You tried to keep your head up as much as possible, eyes only drifting down to make sure you were stepping on solid ground. Tyche's hand gradually slipped from yours but you didn't panic, knowing that you'd have to split up if you wanted to make it to the solid ground safely.

Your back aligned to the red soil—or rock—or whatever it's called, keeping you slightly balanced as you carefully stepped onto the thin ledge. The ledge was only wide enough to support your heels, the front of your foot hanging off the slowly crumbling edge. The pit in your stomach once again stirred, desperately yelling at you to retreat to solid ground. The reasonable part of your brain was clawing to be heard, making your head grow foggy. It was once again a test of luck, one that your body and mind obviously did not want to take. But somewhere inside you (deep, deep inside), you told yourself to continue, forcing your heels to slide along the falling path.

Tyche was already towards the end, you could tell from the sound of small, red pebbles detaching from the path to the right of you. It took everything in you to slide along the wall, eyes closed to stop yourself from losing balance. If you looked down, you wouldn't be surprised if you fell. Everything felt like it was spinning but your adrenaline kept you going.

Before you knew it, you were at the end of the path, your foot finally reaching the other side of the narrow path. It was at that time when you were going to release a relieved sigh when it suddenly turned into a sharp gasp, the feeling of the ground disappearing under your left foot making your heart drop.

Tyche let out a yelp, frantic footsteps nearing towards you. You felt like crying, not out of pain, but out of relief and fear. If you tried to step on the solid ground a second later, you'd be dead, falling into the excruciatingly hot liquid like the ground that disappeared from underneath you. You were able to pull your leg up from the cliff, pushing yourself from the edge. The force that you used caused you to bump into Tyche and make her fall back as well.

Although you were frantic, the sound of Tyche hitting the ground made your mind switch to her in an instant. "Tyche!" You called out, body turning to face her (or where you thought she was), "Are you okay?"

Tyche hummed and she shuffled, placing one of her small hands on your arm. You took that opportunity to take a hold of her hand again, eyes darting to the path you narrowly escaped from. Across from it, the guards stopped socializing, their gaze focused on the path that just recently slipped. They were whispering amongst each other, eyes looking towards the two of you. At one point you had direct eye contact with one of the guards, having to look down and check to make sure you were still invisible.

"We have to go," You whispered, forcing yourself up onto your shaky legs.

Tyche let out another hum, tugging you along the red material. In the back of your mind, you could feel the looming exhaustion ready to engulf you at any moment. The only thing that kept it at bay was the adrenaline and fear coursing through your veins.

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