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Marinette hummed as she fell flaccid across her bed, fresh out of the shower. She scrolled through Pinterest, in need of inspiration for an outfit. She could have easily just designed one, but all her designing things were at home, plus she needed a girls day with Alya.

She blow dried her hair before doing a bit of makeup, she liked the the dewy clean girl look. Applying a bit of concealer, blush, mascara, and lip gloss. Oh and highlighter, she never forgot highlighter. Her and Alya were going for manicures before shopping, and she wanted to look nice.

She decided to wear some light ripped jeans and a white tube top, complete with small gold earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet her dad had gave her for her birthday. She added a generous spritz of her favorite perfume to her neck and collar bones, not forgetting the front of her wrists.

She grabbed once of her favorite brown purses she designed a while ago and headed out of her dorm room. She rolled her eyes once she took sight of the pretty boy down the hall. The blonde headed jock smirked as he leaned against the wall, he was so unfairly attractive.

Despite that, she truly wasn't interested.

She tried not to stare as he leaned against the wall, purposely showing off his sharp jawline and biceps. "Going somewhere?" He asked, to which she crossed her arms. "No, I'm just gonna stand in the middle of the hallway for an hour or so." She said sarcastically, which technically... Was what he was doing.

He chuckled, "Where you headed?" She furrowed her brow at his question, she would've told him if they were friends. She oddly recognized him... But she knew nothing about him. "None of your business, pretty boy." She replied nonchalantly.

His lips curled into a smirk, as if he couldn't control it. Like it was just natural for him. His eyes darkening with what seemed like mischief. He was definitely trouble.

"Well you have to tell me something, princess." he teased, making her shoulders tense. Princess? Was he serious?

"Something." She said, beginning to walk off before he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back a little, she gasped as he pulled her close to him. "We should do something this Saturday." He said softly, towering over her. He had to be around 6'5, and Marinette... Well... She was around 5'4.


"Nope. I have plans." She said, now it was her turn to smirk as he seemed surprised she didn't take his offer, he was clearly not used to rejection. The reason was obvious as to why, it looked like he had been hand sculpted by God himself. There was no denying that he was handsome, and charming, definitely a flirt.

But she was also crafty, intuitive, and focused. She knew what her priorities were. "Oh? And what's that, princess?" She rolled her eyes at the nickname, doubting that she was the only girl he ever called that. She wasn't flattered. "I'm going to a concert." She said, making it definitive that was her last word before she loosened from his grasp and continued her way out of the building.


Was she talking about the jagged stone concert on Saturday? He smiled a little when she left, opening his dorm room before he went inside. Maybe he'd make an appearance...


"I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!" Alya said dramatically although it had only been a few weeks. Marinette smiled at her best friend, "I missed you too, Alya." The two were currently sat inside the nail salon, getting manicures while chatting. Marinette was getting a glossy French tip while Alya got orange coffin shaped acrylics.

They went shopping afterwards, and then got something to eat. Alya and Marinette were extremely excited about the concert. "Sooo, any boy drama?" Alya asked while wiggling her eyebrows, Marinette giggled. "Hmm... Where this is this one guy..."

Alya leaned closer, obviously intrigued. Her interviewer skills seeming to switch on. "His dorm is literally straight across from mine, we haven't talked much but... He asked if I have plan on Saturday." Marinette said, and Alya grinned. "Oooh~ is he cute?"

Marinette laughed, "You have no idea. He's super hot. But... You know I have to focus on school... I'm not gonna let him get in the way." She said definitively, and Alya chuckled. "Well, a little romance won't hurt." She said, "Just don't get into to much trouble."

Marinette shrugged, "You know me Alya, I'm not gonna get into any trouble. I mean he's clearly not the type of guy to want a committed relationship. And I'm not really looking for a friends with benefits situation right now."
Alya nodded in understanding, "Well you better tell me if something happens with him. I mean... He's right down the hall, correct?" Marinette nodded making Alya smirk. "What's his name?" The brunette asked curiously.

Marinette looked to the side, "I... Don't know. I feel like I've seen him somewhere, though." She said, her eyes wandering off. "I just can't put my finger on it..."


When Marinette got back to the dorm room she was exhausted, she still needed to do some work so she decided to get ahead in some of her classes. It was a productive day, and she liked it that way. She remembered how clumsy and unorganized she used to be, she had two left feet. It was a little better now that she was mature, she was almost 21.

She heard a knock on her door, her roommate had the keys didn't she? She yawned as she walked over to the door, and opened it. But... There was no one there. She furrowed a brow as she looked at the single rose in front of her dorm room. A little note was attached to it.

Sleep well, princess.

-Pretty boy

She felt the heat pool in her stomach as a small blush painted her cheeks. He just didn't give up, did he? She sighed, a small smile spreading across her lips as she looked down the hall. She knew he was there, even though she couldn't see him.

She closed her dorm room once more, placing the sweet gesture onto her desk before turning off her lights and wrapping herself in the covers. She did intend on sleeping well tonight but... she hoped she never saw him again.

If he continued all this... She might just fall in love with him.

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