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The moment Marinette knocked on Adrien's door, she was immediately pulled in and embraced with a hug. A small gasp escaped her lips at the alarming movement, his arms securely wrapped around her. He didn't even bother to close the door before he enclosed around the woman.

Adrien felt her dainty fingers trace his arms and latch onto his shoulder blades. The bluenette was growing increasingly worried with each second, wondering what the hell was happening. Despite her suspicions, she comforted him nonetheless. "Adrien... What's wrong?" She asked, concern laced within her lovely voice.

He shifted to look down at her, his hands placed on her small shoulders. She shut the door, placing her purse down beside them. When she looked up at him, she immediately noticed the gloss in his eyes. Her hand cupped the side of his face, the other placed on his chest. "Please, tell me what happened..." She cooed softly, a tear sliding down his cheek.

Her eyebrows narrowed when he didn't say anything. Clearly he needed to talk to someone, and he obviously wasn't great at letting out his feelings. Verbally anyway...

The blonde frowned, pulling her face closer and crashing his lips into hers. He didn't want to talk about it, he wasn't good at talking about it. Another tear trickled down his face, but he continued to kiss her. She probably thought he was weak and sensitive, he hated that. He wanted to make her forget about it, by any means possible.

His lips feverishly pursued her own in an aggressive manner. He purposely slid his hands down her ass, gripping under her thighs and easing her onto his bed. She let out an arousing whine when his lips attacked her neck, nipping at her soft skin. She hated that she was enjoying this, that he had somehow gotten stuck in her head.

She hated that she couldn't kiss anyone else without thinking about him, and that the moment his lips were against her own she wanted more instantly. Like she could never get enough of him, he was just intoxicating... and she liked it a lot. Her hands went into his hair, firmly gripping onto his golden locks when she felt his tongue slide against the roof of her mouth.

A moan emanated at the back of her throat when his hands slid down her thighs in an entrancing way, demanding more of her. Her legs wrapped around his torso, feeling the heat underneath his jeans as the blush painted her pale skin. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest and the heat pool in her stomach, it felt so overwhelmingly good.

She could feel herself getting wet, becoming too turned on in such rushed timing. His tongue slid against hers and a whimper escaped her lips when the friction between her legs became unbearable. "F-fuck..." She breathed out as he nibbled on the shell of her ear, she didn't want him to ever stop. It was torture...

"A-Adrien..." She spoke, but he didn't stop. "Adrien we have to talk about it!" She finally said, capturing his green eyes. Her chest rose and fell with each labored breath she took, attempting to regain her oxygen. He didn't even look fazed, but she could tell he had enjoyed it just as much as she did by the hardness that pressed against the most sensitive part of her.

She stared at his face, unable to read his wistful expression. He sighed and closed his eyes, pressing his forehead against hers in affection. "I'm so sorry, Marinette..." He breathed out, as if it was some sort of confession. "I just really don't wanna be alone right now. I know that I sound pathetic but... I'm so sick of being lonely. I'm so sick of myself..."

He looked to the side, her hands still in his hair as she stared at his face with sympathy. "Hey, look at me." She offered gently, pulling his face towards hers. His eyes landed on her beautiful blue bell orbs, noticing the small smile on her pink lips. "You don't sound pathetic, Adrien. I get it, okay? Like I said before... I will always be here for you."

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