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Marinette blew out the candles that stood a top of her gigantic birthday cake covered in pink frosting.

Despite her turning 22 years old her parents refused to do anything other than a traditional youthful birthday party. Leaving Marinette no option to oppose a huge pink birthday cake, 22 candles, and every friend and family member surrounding her while she celebrated aging. She wasn't mad about it, she was just happy that she could celebrate it with Adrien as well.

She was also happy to do several shots in the bathroom with Alya while her parents were busy perfecting the order she would open presents.

Her grandmother had bought her several souvenirs from different countries she had traveled. Her mom and dad both chipped in to buy her tons of designing fabric and Alya bought the two trips to a luxury spa nearby. Not as luxurious as the one Adrien had took her to... But very high quality nonetheless.

There were many other gifts bought by her friends and family, but she knew the golden bracelet Adrien had got her would be something she'd always cherish.

Adrien held her arm as he connected both ends of the bracelet around her small wrist, a loving look in his eyes as he turned something against her ear. "I have a surprise for you after all this." He spoke in a whisper, and Marinette furrowed a brow. "Yeah? And what's that?" She asked, and he shrugged.

"Just a little get away... We're going to a hotel after this, and everything you need will be there. Including the surprise princess." He said before kissing her cheek. Marinette hummed in approval before she began to help clean up the mess left from the party. She had a good feeling about everything that would happen tonight.


Marinette could barely breathe when she stepped into the hotel room. It was a modern yet sexy style, and each vase carried pink roses- her favorite color and flower. The room was dim lit, and you could see the entire city from the window. There was one huge bed with silky sheets and fluffy pillows.

There was a large flat screen that already had every romance movie ever thought of- because romance was her favorite genre- and an entire pile of gifts by the bedside with pink wrapping paper. The mini fridge was stocked with strawberry ice cream, champagne and her favorite brand of chocolate.

She almost collapsed in a heap of happiness. Almost.

Adrien's hands slid across her shoulders, leaning over to press a gentle kiss to her neck. "Get in the bath first, I'll join you in a minute." He whispered softly into her ear, sending pleasant tremors down her spine. Before he could move away from her her mouth was already on top of his.

He pressed a kiss against her forehead and twirled her around, gesturing her to the bathroom.

She began walking towards the fancy lit bathroom, her chest tightening when she saw the candles lit all over the place. Red rose petals added a sultry tone to the overwhelmingly luxurious bathroom, which lead to the huge tub in the back already filled to the brim with hot water.

After she removed her jewelry her clothes dropped to the floor when she slowly removed them and dipped her foot into the tub of steaming water.

When she was fully in she submerged her hair into the bath water, pushing it back and out of her face. Her attention turned towards the tall blonde who walked in the bathroom in only his boxers. A small smile formed on the bluenette's pink lips as she watched him slowly pull them off.

He pressed a soft kiss against her lips before getting into the tub and wrapping his arms around her bare body. She leaned onto his body, "I love it here... It's so beautiful." She said, her face so close to his that her nose brushed against his own. "Anything for you, my love." He whispered softly, and he could feel her smile against his lips as he kissed her.

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