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Kagami let out a sigh of frustration as she set her bags down on the counter. "If they cancel my flight one more time, I'm going to lose it." She spoke passive aggressively, eyeing the blonde who set his keys down beside her. "I don't get it... what's so important about getting to Japan this week?" Adrien asked while searching the empty cabinets.

"My mother's launching her new line, Adrien. If I want to be the next owner of her company I have to show." She spoke, clearly stressed out and Adrien narrowed his eyebrows. "I thought you said you would order groceries for this week." Adrien said and Kagami rolled her eyes. "Can't you see I'm really stressed out right now? I have a lot to do, just ask the new house keeper to do it!"

Adrien closed his eyes, placing his head against the frame of the cabinet as his girlfriend began ranting. "I dealt with your best friend's wedding, your stupid ex-girlfriend, you can't even go with me to Japan because of a photo shoot, and you- you're complaining to me about groceries?!" The woman shouted, throwing her hands out in expression.

Adrien didn't know why he felt the urge to defend Marinette- 'his stupid ex-girlfriend'- but he also knew that if he said anything Kagami would lose her shit. So he kept his mouth shut. She angrily walked off, slamming the door behind her as she headed to the main bedroom.

Kagami didn't really know him inside out, she couldn't read him the way Marinette was able to. She didn't know his thoughts, or his neglectful past with his father, his suicidal thoughts, his regrets, his insecurities, his passions, Kagami didn't know the real him.

She didn't know that he actually hated modeling for his father, or that he got the job done just to provide for himself, that he felt the need to act the way everyone wanted him to act including Kagami- and she especially didn't know that he was still in love with Marinette.

After he saw her at the wedding all the feelings he thought he had gotten over instantly came right back, and it was like he was back to square one all over again. If Marinette was happier without him than what was the point of pining after her or trying to pursue her?

He had ruined his chances with the only girl who ever really loved him- the real him. He ruined his chances with the only girl he ever truly loved... the girl who sang on stage with him at Jagged Stone's concert, the girl who lived down the hall, the girl who was his first experience at the fair, who welcomed him into her loving family, who was always there for him no matter what, his first love... and now they were strangers.

He tried to distract himself from the thoughts he had the moment his girlfriend walked off.

He missed Marinette.

He still loved her.


Marinette gasped, her eyes slightly watering as she clenched the pillow in front of her. The sensation of Luka plunging his cock inside of her repetitively distracted her from the empty feeling in her stomach. Adrien had a girlfriend...

She hated that she was the one that hadn't moved on yet, it made it even harder.

She felt Luka's hands slide up the sides of her waist from behind, his heavy breathing from behind indicating he was about to finish. A whimper escaped her mouth as he moved faster, pulling her closer as his hips pressed up against her ass with each thrust.

"Fuck, Marinette..."

He let out a groan, pulling out and spilling his satisfaction against her back. A sigh of relief left Marinette's lips, her eyebrows narrowing knowing that she still felt miserable. Luka collapsed beside the petite bluenette, facing her with a look of worry.

"Did you finish..?" He asked softly, sliding a strand of loose hair behind her ear. Marinette smiled a little, shaking her head no and he sighed while looking to the side.
Marinette knew this was coming...

"You still love him... don't you?" Luka asked, silence surrounding the two in bed.

He stared at the side of Marinette's face, his heart aching when she nodded slowly. He knew exactly what she was going through, the feeling she felt because it had happened to him too. "So, what's stopping you then?" He asked softly, the bluenette staring at his ceiling.

"He has a girlfriend, Luka. She's beautiful, like unrealistically beautiful. I want Adrien to happy, and I'm not a home-wrecker..." she answered honestly, and Luka scoffed. "Marinette you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met... I've never seen a man so defensive about a girl in my life than when I was in that hallway with Adrien next to your dorm."

Marinette smiled a little, remembering the immature occasion. "Yeah but, he's moved on now... and it's okay." She said, sounding like she was trying to convince herself rather than the man lying next to her. Luka furrowed a brow, "You know... Adrien looked a lot happier with you than the girl he was with at the wedding."

Marinette's seemed to freeze a little, a small smile curling across Luka's lips as he pressed a small kiss against her forehead. "Just saying..." He whispered softly, turning his back towards the bluenette before speaking. "I want you to be happy too, Marinette... you deserve that."

The bluenette thought about Luka's words for the rest of the night, shifting in bed as she tried to get over the feeling in the pit of her stomach. The constant void her heart reminded her of every time she passed by the floral shop filled with roses. The numerous billboards surrounding the city and the magazines filled with his face even in the grocery stores...

When Marinette saw Adrien at the wedding it had only confirmed to her that she would never stop loving him...

But Adrien had moved on... and despite still having feelings for him she came to the realization that she needed to move on too.

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