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"You're... Going to a party with... Adrien?" Luka asked over the phone.

Marinette pressed her lips together, "Yeah. It's somewhere near campus." The bluenette didn't mind telling Luka about Adrien, he wasn't a jealous person. But she could also tell that Luka didn't like the idea one bit, which made Marinette kind of upset. She wasn't some property that could be taken over.

She was a fucking human being.

"Well I hope you have fun. Can you text me once you're back home?" He asked, clearly a bit worried.

"Yeah, sure. Don't worry though, Adrien's a really nice guy once you get to know him. I'm sorry you had to see him the way you did at the bar." Marinette said softly, recalling the other night. Adrien did leave quite a bad impression on Luka, so his distaste for the blonde was kind of understandable.

But there was something about Adrien that Marinette couldn't quite put her finger on. He was like a puzzle to her, she just didn't have all the right pieces yet.

"It's not your fault Marinette, I'm sure Adrien isn't all that bad. No need to apologize."

Marinette smiled, her eyes widened when she caught sight of her alarm clock on the nightstand by her bed. 5:30?! "Sorry Luka I better get going, I completely lost track of time!" The bluenette exclaimed. She could hear Luka chuckle on the other side of the line.

"Don't worry about it. Text me later?"

"Yep! Bye!" She quickly hung up the phone before rushing to her bathroom to get ready. She hadn't even decided on what to wear! She grinned when she found the perfect dress. She quickly hung it on the door and began to do her makeup in a hurry. She straightened her hair, and slipped on the dress.

She looked at herself in the mirror with an approving glance. The dress was perfect.

My drawing-- sorry guys I tried

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My drawing-- sorry guys I tried... However, I should stick to writing.

Her eyes shifted back toward the clock on her nightstand, it was 5:58. She was honestly impressed on how fast she had gotten ready, and smirked when she heard a masculine knock at the door.

She grabbed her phone and locked the door, placing her keys in her black handbag purse. Adrien towered over her petite figure, his eyes slightly widening and he looked like he had seen a ghost when he stared at her. "Good job, pretty boy. Not a minute late." The bluenette teased, and he nervously laughed.

His eyes forcibly staring into hers, as if he was trying not to stare at the obvious mouthwatering sight the dress allowed him to see. She looked stunning, as per usual. Adrien was notably the possessive type, the bluenette looked a bit too sexy. He didn't want anyone else to lay eyes on her except for himself of course.

But he couldn't say such a thing, if she felt confident... He was fine with it.


When the two arrived at the party, it was chaos. People were dancing on the table, skinny dipping in the pool, and drinking alcohol until they passed out... Usually outside. Adrien glared at all the men who stared at Marinette, possessively keeping her close to him. "So, I'm assuming you're gonna go skinny dip?" Marinette joked.

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