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Adrien had learned a lot of things since his relationship with Marinette.

First- that he needed to work on himself before diving back into a relationship with her. Because when he was with her, she was the only thing that made him happy. And when she shut him out after he made the worst mistake of his life- he went straight back to his old habits.

Marinette shouldn't ever have been responsible for his happiness. It wouldn't be fair. It wouldn't be fair to put so much pressure on a single human being.

When Adrien realized this he decided that he would get better, for her. And also for the sake of his sanity...

That's why he went into therapy. And when he had become inevitably more responsible, secure, and sane... he got into a relationship with Kagami.

Obviously... that didn't work out.

Adrien's love for Marinette was too strong and Marinette was unhappy in her relationship with Luka due to that fact that- Luka wasn't Adrien. The two eventually came back together for the sake of fate, and the fact that their love for each other was inescapable.

So after Adrien showed up to Marinette's front door- completely soaked from the rain- and confessed that their being together was unavoidable, Marinette accepted it. Well... she did more than accept it. Maybe they went a little overboard actually...

So as Adrien held her in his arms for the first time in a long time, he was at peace with his life. He was content.

He was happy to discover that she was pregnant a few weeks later, and he was thrilled when he found out that he would be having a little girl. Obviously naming her after his mother was a no brainer for Marinette.

Emma (short for Emilie) hoped to find someone she was completely infatuated with, like the way her father was completely infatuated with her mother. Adrien always told her that she would find that special someone without even looking for them, just to wait until she was a little older

"Most the time, love isn't at first sight. Attraction is at first sight- love comes a little later." Adrien would always tell her. He was writing down something on a piece of paper attached to a rose. Emilie was confused as to why, but knew it was for her mother nevertheless.

He always did sweet little romantic gestures for her even after they got married.

"Come on." Adrien whispered playfully, grabbing Emma's hand. He crouched just to hold hands with his young daughter, tip toeing to Marinette's designing room. Adrien put his finger to his lips, gesturing Emma to be as quiet as possible and she lightly giggled.

He placed the little paper right before the door to her room, and knocked on the door. He swooped up eight year old Emma and ran down the hallway to turn the next corner of the house so they were out of sight.

Marinette opened the door with a knowing smile on her face. There was no one there. She furrowed a brow as she looked at the single rose in front of her dorm room. A little note was attached to it.

I fall in love with you more and more everyday, my love.

        -pretty boy

Marinette let out a little laugh, her eyes slightly watering as she reminisced the memory. She sighed, a small smile spreading across her lips as she looked down the hall. She knew Adrien and Emma were there, even though she couldn't see them. She fell in love with her husband and adorable little daughter all over again.

You tell me that I'm complicated
And that might be an understatement
Anything else?

You tell me that I'm indecisive
Fickle, but I try to hide it
Anything else?

You tell me that I overthink
Til I ruin a good thing
Anything else?

You tell me that you'd rather fight
Than spend a single peaceful night
With somebody else...

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