-Black Coffee-

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Luka waited patiently at one of the lovely cafe tables, decorated with a vase of flowers and silverware. There were a few napkins at the end of the table followed by a window directly above the four-seater booth. His blue eyes caught sight of a beautiful bluenette dressed in a waitress outfit that hugged her curves perfectly.

He smiled when she saw him.

She walked over to the small booth, having a small notebook and pen in her hands. "L-Luka?" She asked, seemingly surprised. "Hey Marinette, long time no see." He joked, or at least she hoped he was joking since they had seen each other just last week when the little incident between Adrien and him had occurred...

Luka stood up and wrapped his arms around her, a small blush coating her cheeks and she dropped her pen. "It's so good to see you." He said softly, and Marinette smiled and patted his back. She felt awkward... He bent over to grab the pen she dropped and gave it to her before sitting back down in the booth seat.

"What can I get for you?" She asked sweetly, reminding herself that she was of course at work, and didn't want to take long in their little reunion. "Hmm..." The blue eyed man looked down at the menu, "How about a medium black coffee and an order of chocolate Eclairs." Marinette nodded and wrote the small order down.

"Sounds good. I'll be back in a few." The bluenette offered, her manicured nails gracing the side of her pin pad before she began to walk off. She felt his hand grab her wrist, pulling her back a little. "Thank you, Marinette." he said, his voice a little lower than before as he pressed a kiss to the back of her hand. A noticeable blush spread across her freckled cheeks, before she nodded and walked off.

She returned shortly after to give him his order, and he thanked her once more. "I wanted to ask if you wanted to come over this Friday around noon? I know you love music, and I wanted to ask for your opinion on a song I recently wrote." His crystal blue eyes connected with hers, and she felt her chest tighten. She felt like couldn't say no...

"Yeah, just text me the address details. I'd love to hear you play."

Luka smiled, "Will do, Marinette." He seemed genuinely happy, and the bluenette walked away once more to attend the other tables. Luka was a sweet guy, he was understanding and calm. He was handsome, but there was something holding her back. Adrien... Why did he hold her back?

Luka had stayed for about an hour, helping himself to a book and munching on an Eclair every so often. She could feel him staring at her whenever she was around his booth, and even though he had good intentions it made her slightly uncomfortable. So she was kind of relieved when he got a phone call and abruptly left, and was able to relax a little.

Another two hours passed and she was inevitably worn out, the cafe had been extremely busy that day. She was so worried about the situation with Luka and Adrien she was barely able to focus. She walked out of the cafe, freshly changed into a black crop top and Jean shorts. She was so tired she didn't even acknowledge much how hot Adrien looked waiting for her on his bike.

Adrien noticed her groggy behavior. So when she got on his bike and leaned against him with a groan, a sympathetic smile filled his handsome features. "Tired, princess?" He asked and he could feel her nod against his back. The blonde chuckled and grabbed her hands, placing them around his torso.

When he reached a stop light near campus, a crimson red crawled across his cheeks as Marinette slid her hands under his shirt and held onto his bare skin. She could feel the dip of his abs and how warm his smooth skin had become. She nuzzled her face into the fabric of his shirt and tightened around him.

He had a much larger figure than the petite woman perched behind him so he was shielding the unwanted wind that graced her soft legs. "Marinette... I know you're tired but I want to show you something. It'll be quick I promise." He said, and instead of driving into the exit that lead to the dorm rooms he turned into the opposite street.

Marinette paid no mind to his doings, unconsciously tracing the smooth tan skin underneath the fabric of his Gabriel Agreste branded shirt. A lot of the streets were mainly empty, so he increased the speed he was going. He didn't lie to her, the destination was quick and not too far from campus.

It was a beautiful grass hill, and on the ledge you could see the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. Adrien grabbed her hand and helped her off the bike, walking closer to the ledge. "It's beautiful, Adrien..." She breathed, taking in the gorgeous scenery. Adrien smiled and turned her towards him.

"I know things are a little tense since what happened at the spa... I want to show you that I genuinely care about you, I'm not just grab assing on you." He traced gentle circles onto her hands, staring down at her with a soft expression. Sincerity laced within his voice. For the first time, she saw how tender his green eyes could be as he looked down at her like she was the only thing that mattered to him.

"If you want to take things slow, I'm okay with that..." Adrien said, his thumb traced the sharp line of her jaw before tilting her head up more. He meticulously pressed a chaste kiss to her forehead, and her heart hammered in her chest.

He gained nothing from that kiss... It was out of pure kindness. Marinette felt the heat rise to her cheeks, as she was pulled into an unshakeable hug. Her head pressing against his warm and wide chest, his cologne was intoxicating- in a good way. A small smile curled on her lips when he spoke once more.

"I'm here for you, Marinette."


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