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"I can't believe-- I just-- You just pulled me up there and I-- WOW." Marinette said, and Adrien laughed at her cute reaction. They were currently back stage, and Alya was busy flirting with Nino at the DJ booth. "I can't believe I just did that..." Marinette breathed, falling flaccid against the comfy couch cushion.

Adrien smiled at her in admiration. She had such a beautiful voice. It oddly comforted him, reminding him of when his mother would sing to him before he would fall asleep. Marinette was one of the most amazing people he'd ever ever met, she was remarkable. Talented, hardworking, witty, and she was so much fun to be around.

She hadn't even mentioned how he was an Agreste, and her attitude toward him hadn't changed. It felt kind of nice... It made him feel human, she didn't put him on a pedestal and expect perfection from him. He loved that about her. He loved the way she was able to make him feel.

He felt himself frown as he thought about it. He was worried that he was starting to... Really like her. What he hated most about life was losing the people that he loved the most, like his mother... Which is why he never wanted to get attached to anyone. He didn't want his heart broken again.

He cleared his throat, looking away from Marinette's pretty features as he excused himself. "I'll be right back." Marinette smiled and nodded at him, and he walked into the bathroom and placed his hands at the side of the sink, reminding himself why he wasn't supposed to get attached.

She wasn't any different, he told himself. She wasn't worth the heart break... And he'd never let someone break his heart again.

Marinette hummed as she patiently waited on the sofa. Her hands on her thighs as she shifted her weight on the couch. "You did a really great job out there." She heard someone say, and she looked up to see Luka. She felt a blush crawl across her cheeks and she smiled at the musician. "Thank you... You're really great at playing."

He sat down beside her, "I've always loved to play, you know... I could never understand why until I found out who my father was. I've been drawn to music ever since I was little." Marinette narrowed her eyebrows, "You... Didn't know jagged was your father?" He shook his head. "I didn't find out until I was 17..."

His crystal blue eyes locked with hers and she felt herself become nervous. "What's... What's you're favorite instrument?" He smiled and grabbed the guitar case from the other side of the room. "Guitar has always been my favorite... Don't get me wrong, I love rock and roll. But I think I sync with this instrument the most."

He stared at Marinette as he began to play the strings, and she listened to the beautiful tune. Closing her eyes and enjoying the sound of the music. It wasn't very long until it ended."That was beautiful..." she said softly and he smiled, "It really suits you, Marinette." She felt herself blush, and she could tell he was sincere.

She heard someone clear their throat and she turned, to see Adrien crossing his arms. He seemed... A little off...

His usual bright emerald green eyes had dulled into a more forest green color, he seemed angry? "Is everything okay Adrien?" Luka asked and his eyebrows knitted together in a frown. "Peachy." He replied coldly, and Luka seemed confused, like Marinette. "Hey dudes." The three turned their attention to the DJ standing in front of the door.

Alya was standing behind him close by, running to wrap her arms around Marinette. "You did so good, girl! You don't even need to go to college with all that talent!" Alya said and Marinette chuckled. "You go to college? What University do you go to?" Luka asked nicely and Marinette parted her lips to speak.

"Same one I do. University of Paris." Adrien said, he had an intense look on his face. Like someone had just stolen something from him, and Marinette became concerned. "Adrien are you feeling okay?" Marinette asked, and he shrugged. "I'm fine."

His expression seemed to soften when he locked eyes with Marinette, and Alya noticed this. The boy was clearly jealous. How couldn't Marinette see that?
"Why don't we all go to the bar down the street?" Nino offered, "They have some really nice drinks and super good nachos."

"We're in!" Alya said, speaking for Marinette and herself and Marinette just smiled. Luka nodded in agreement and Adrien shrugged nonchalantly. Marinette hoped to find out what was wrong with Adrien by then, and she wasn't at all ready to end the night. She was in college, a little fun couldn't hurt.


Marinette had never really tried more than a margarita before, so straight alcohol was completely new to her. Alya seemed to be having a really great time with Nino, on the other hand... Things between her and Adrien seemed kind of awkward. She sat on a stool in between Luka and Adrien.


"So, Marinette... have you lived in Paris your whole life?" Luka asked, hoping to start some conversation. "Yeah. My parents own the Boulangerie Patisserie." The bluenette stated as Luka smiled, she clearly was very close and proud of her parents. "Wow, that's the best bakery in Paris." Luka said making Marinette giggle.

Adrien rolled his eyes, which none of them seemed to notice as he took a shot of whiskey. Nino offered him some of the nachos and Adrien shook his head. "My Father would kill me if he found out I ate nacho cheese." Nino laughed, "Adrien, you realize you're at a bar right? Your father would kill you if he found out you were drinking raw whiskey."

The blonde shrugged and took another shot, his father didn't know about the stash of alcohol he hid in his dorm room cabinet either. "You have a strict diet?" Marinette asked curiously, and Adrien scoffed, so now she wanted to talk to him? "Yeah. You could say that." Marinette narrowed her eyebrows in concern, he seemed unlike himself.

"Are you sure you're fine?" She asked thoughtfully and the blonde rolled his eyes. "For the third time, yes Marinette." Luka placed his hand on Marinette's shoulder. "She just wanted to check on you, Adrien. There's no need to get angry." Adrien frowned and took another shot, slamming it down on the counter which made Marinette flinch.

"I... I'm gonna use the restroom." She said, a little hurt by his rude behavior. She gasped when she tripped on one of the legs of her stool, when she felt two strong arms grip her arm and her shoulder. Luka's pale hand with black paint on his nails and rings on his fingers on her shoulder, and Adrien's tan hand had gripped the side of her arm to keep her from falling. His lithe strong fingers tightening on her arm when she stumbled.

"S-sorry." She mumbled, and Alya excused herself a long with Marinette. When they made it to the restroom, Alya seemed worried. "You know, as much as I love seeing two hotties fight over my best friend..." The brunette stated, sarcasm laced within her voice. "I know that you're upset. I'm sorry about Adrien, girl. He's probably just a little jealous of Luka."

Marinette frowned, "But Alya, there's nothing to be jealous about. There's nothing between me and Luka, we just met. Besides, its not like Adrien's my boyfriend."
Alya sighed, "Girl, Adrien's clearly a bit possessive of you. Judging by the way Luka looks at you, I'd be jealous too. Or at least a little skeptical. Just make it clear to Adrien that you two are just friends, and you don't want a relationship with him."

Marinette nodded, and Alya patted her back as they walked out of the restroom... But when they went back to the counter, Marinette felt her heart drop. Adrien was with a girl... With jet black hair and red nails, her hands on his bicep as she whispered something into his ear.



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