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About an hour later, Adrien drove Marinette safely back to her dorm room. He wasn't surprised to find out that it was locked, but he had no idea where her keys were. So he simply carried the girl back down the hall, opening his door. She let out a breath as he gently set her down on his bed.

He couldn't help but ravish the mouthwatering sight displayed in front of him, Marinette's flawless body effortlessly thrown against his bed. Beads of sweat glistening on her forehead and her eyebrows narrowed. Her quite exposed chest rising and falling as she heaved out several breaths.

She portrayed such a vulnerable estate.

It was extremely tempting and it made Adrien's mouth go dry as he thought about the many things he could do to her. The things she would let him get away with in her drunken estate. His hands slowly slid against her smooth ankle, gently taking off her heels. The bluenette's eyes shot open instantly.

She had fuck me eyes... His head was pounding just thinking about it. He quickly distracted himself from his own thoughts as he clipped off the shoes and threw them to the floor. Suddenly, he found extreme interest in her feet. He didn't want his eyes to meet hers, so he stared at her small, dainty, and delicate feet.

Her freshly coated white toe nails made his mind go to places he couldn't distract himself from. The thought of pleasuring the girl to the point where her toes curled, back arched, and breathed heavily into his ear. His carnal thoughts getting the best of him, his libido was rushing.

"Adrien..." Marinette spoke in an erotic whisper, and he couldn't look away anymore. He stared at her face, her cheeks a lovely shade of pink. Her delicate blue bells staring into his soul, without uttering a word she told him she wanted him. Every part of him, and it shook him to his core.

She was begging him with her eyes and he hated it because it was extremely hard to hold himself back. "You... You should get to bed, Marinette." Adrien uttered softly, and the bluenette shook her head. "Please, Adrien... It's so hot... I want it off." The blush painted his skin as she lightly tugged on the strap of her dress.

"Please take if off of me..." She seductively whined, driving him crazy and she knew that. Yet he couldn't look away, even as she lightly began to spread her thighs apart. His eyes betrayed him the moment he glanced at her black laced panties, his masculine hands still placed on her ankles.

"Fuck... Don't do this to me, princess." The blonde pleaded, making her pink lips curl into a smirk. He let out a sigh, his hands sliding up her smooth legs to tug off her dress. It came off surprisingly easy, and he dropped the piece of clothing to the floor by the bed. She was now displayed in her black lacy undergarments.

She was beautiful, her skin was pale and soft. She had a small beauty mark on her toned waist which lead to her wide hips. His hands moved up her thigh, trailing to her hip and up her ribs. She stared at his face the whole time, biting her lip when his hand gently squeezed her breast.

He frowned, reminding himself that she wasn't fully cognitive right now, and he needed to stop before he couldn't. Her hands had barely touched him before he separated himself from her. The bluenette frowned, disappointed. "Why'd you stop?"

"Because it's not right. You're not thinking straight, Marinette. I would take you on this bed right now if you were sober. But I know if you were sober, you wouldn't be here like this right now." Adrien stated stubbornly, honestly he was surprised with himself. He was able to hold himself back.

Even as she frowned and unclipped the back of her bra.

A crimson red bloomed on his cheeks as she tossed the useless piece of fabric beside her dress on the floor. She leaned back a little, her bare chest being revealed to him. He wasn't sure how to react, but it made him struggle to contain the noticeable pitch underneath his jeans.

Her body was seemingly unrealistic. He didn't know how she was capable of being so beautiful. And her personality made him even more attracted to her, which is why he couldn't take advantage of her. His eyes widened as he watched her grab her own breasts and circle the tip of her pink nipple as she bit her lip seductively.

"I can see you want this, Adrien." She whispered, her eyes darkening with a feverish desire as she glanced down at his clear boner. "I want you to be my first, okay?" The bluenette said softly, and this took him back. He frowned, "You're a virgin?" The bluenette nodded.

"I never wanted to get preggo with an eggo..." She mumbled, and this made Adrien laugh. She grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the bed with her. He blushed when she placed one of his hands on her soft and perky breast. It made him gulp, oh how he wanted to touch her right now.

"But now, I've never wanted someone this bad." She whined, and Adrien looked to the side. "Marinette... Can I be honest? I can't have sex with you right now because..." He smirked when he got an idea, the girl was drunk out of her mind. He was wondering if she'd believe him.

"I'm on my period." Adrien mumbled, and Marinette gasped. "I hate it when that happens! It's okay. We can just cuddle." Adrien struggled to withhold himself from laughing, but became stiff when she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her boobs were pressed against his chest, and she straddled him.

He felt her body shift when she let out a hiccup and pressed her face into his neck. Her body leaned against his own, she wasn't able to support herself at the moment. She giggled when he pressed her back against the bed, which made a small smile creep up on his lips. "What's so funny, princess?"

She only giggled again, and the blonde couldn't help but smile at her cute laugh. "You, you're funny..." She said softly, her eyes meeting his when she cupped his face. He currently hovered over her petite frame, his knee in between her legs. "You're so hot..." She said, suddenly changing the subject.

"You know don't tell sober me this, but I had a wet dream about you once..." She said softly, laughing again when she saw his face turn red. "Oh also, I think you're kind of a... What is it called? A playboy? Yeah that's what it was! A playboy." The bluenette hicupped once more.

Adrien looked to the side, letting out a sigh as he laid beside her small figure. "That's what I was going for ya know?" He turned to face her, her blue eyes staring intensely into his. Her pink lips curled into a breathtaking smile. "Why do you have to be so beautiful?" He asked softly, his hands going into her messy hair.

"Why do you have to make it so hard not to fall in love with you?" He asked, her blue bell eyes beginning to close as she drifted off to sleep. He gently ran his fingers through her hair as she fell asleep. He cradled her body in his arms, her bare skin pressed against his clothed chest.

"If anyone breaks my heart ever again... I want it to be you, Marinette." Adrien spoke softly into her hair.

" Adrien spoke softly into her hair

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