-No Caller ID-

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One of the many things Adrien hated about his birthday- besides being reminded that he was of course born in the first place... was how he was reminded that he hadn't accomplished anything

since his last birthday.

He hated being the center of attention when it came to things like this, and he hated how almost every Parisian was aware it was his birthday.

He hated that the news announced it, and he loathed that he had to celebrate the day he was born.

Especially without Marinette...

Despite being completely aware of his reoccurring feelings for the bluenette, he knew it was over- she would never take him back- and that was that.

"I was thinking about inviting my mother over for your birthday dinner, does that sound alright Adrien? I'm sure Gabriel will invite her either way and she's in town for the run way fashion show." Kagami said, interrupting his thoughts while placing a crimson red pin in her hair.

"I also had to close your fan letters account for the day because it was being overloaded with birthday messages and gifts." This time Kagami was meticulously creating a sleek thin strip of eyeliner while looking into the bathroom mirror.

Just lovely.

Before he could part his lips in reply, his cellphone obnoxiously began ringing. He quickly turned to check the The Caller ID, not being surprised when it was an unknown number.

He assumed it was probably one of the radical fans who took desperate measures to gain his information. Which meant he had to change his phone number again before it was inevitably leaked.

"How about we go to the restaurant you took me to on valentines? What was it? L'initial? Let's go there- I'll make a reservation for 7:00 p.m." Kagami decided, "Yeah sure, that's fine." Adrien quickly replied before strapping on a hideous wig, sunglasses (even though it was a rainy day, and gathering his things before leaving the penthouse.
His birthdays were always chaotic and frankly, very unenjoyable.


Marinette stared blankly at the popcorn ceiling in Luka's bedroom. She could hear the shower water running in his bathroom while he ignorantly hummed. She despised this day and refused to open any source of social media.

She also- for repercussion purposes- stayed inside all day due to every freaking billboard, sign, and news channel announcing Adrien Agreste's birthday. She had no one to blame but herself for getting into this mess. All she wanted to do was hibernate inside her cozy little apartment.

Which was exactly what she planned on doing after Luka got out of the shower. She needed a ride home and didn't feel like taking a taxi.

Luka walked out of the bathroom while ruffling his wet blue locks with a towel. Marinette seemed very tentative with her thoughts.

"You ready to get going?" Luka asked in a seemingly concerned voice. Marinette stood up and grabbed her bag, leaving through the front door to head into the lot without uttering a word. Luka cleared his throat- his pride somehow being punctured in result of her negligence.

The car ride to her small apartment was silent, but as he stopped at a traffic light he immediately understood why. His eyes caught onto the billboard featuring the handsome blond.

His orbs darted to the side of Marinette's face, her hands rushing to cup her cheeks as she put her head down in shame. A small smile curled upon Luka's lip. "You should call him." He suggested softly. Marinette quickly shook her head- an immediate veto.

The light turned green and Luka stepped on the gas. No wonder she was so preoccupied.

When the two arrived at Marinette's apartment complex, she politely thanked him for the ride before scurrying towards her humble abode.

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