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"We absolutely will not be having those at our wedding." Kagami- Adrien's girlfriend- stated. She was referring to the peach colored table cloths. Kagami could be very picky when it came to- well... anything.  Adrien tried to make it one of the things that he loved about her, but the more he stayed the more he came to the realization that he would never actually love kagami.

Not like he did Marinette anyway...

Which was wrong, very wrong, and he had to come up with a way to break the news to Kagami but he wasn't quite ready yet. Since Adrien was Nino's best man, he would eventually and thankfully have to leave his girlfriend's side to stand beside the groom. He already knew that Marinette was one of Alya's bridesmaids and it scared the heck out of him because he didn't want to see her- or anyone else besides himself- to see her in one of those tight peach colored bridesmaid dresses Alya had picked out.

He had very complicated feelings, but he tried his best to put them aside and just be happy for his best friend.

He felt his heart aching in his chest at the thought of finally seeing Marinette after so long. The blonde tried to shake the feeling but it became inevitable. Adrien froze when he saw her, Marinette... walking over towards the front of the wedding to take her place as Alya's bridesmaid. 

That was when Adrien gave up any hope of ever getting over the bluenette. 

The moment he laid eyes on her he felt all those feelings he felt way back then, and his heart leapt in his chest. Marinette was wearing a sparkly peach colored bridesmaid dress, which complimented the color of her porcelain skin and showed off her hourglass frame. Her silky midnight hair was wrapped into a bun at the back of her head while a few strands were left loose to frame her face. 

She was wearing a pair of diamond earrings he had gifted her for her birthday with a matching necklace. Her nails were white at the tips and her perfect pink lips were glossed as always. She wore minimal makeup which exposed the natural freckles that spilled across the bridge of her nose. She was stunning. A blush painting his tan skin when he saw her smile, exposing her pearly white teeth.

She looked so happy.

He felt like he had been stabbed in the gut when he realized in that moment that she was better off without him, and it was his own fault their relationship had ended in the first place. Instead of being mature and hearing her out he went and had sex with her roommate like an idiot. But he was in college then, and he was more stable now. 

He was quickly taken out of his thoughts when he realized it was his time to head to the front to be Nino's best man. Without thinking, he quickly left without saying a word to Kagami. He stood at the front perfectly parallel to where Marinette was standing, and when she saw him he noticed how quickly her expression changed.

She was astonished.

Adrien was surprised when her dazed looked formed into a more sincere and sympathetic expression, a small smile forming on her glossed lips before she waved a little. Her delicate fingers seemed to curl when she heard the whispers from the wedding audience.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe Adrien Agreste is here!"

"There's no way that jawline is real."

"He's probably had plastic surgery or something."

"Isn't that bridesmaid one of his exes?"

"She was probably a smash and pass."

"She's really pretty though, prettier than that Kagami girl he's with now."

Adrien heard giggles in the crowd and Marinette looked ashamed, turning away from the blonde as if she was embarrassed. He looked in the crowd to see Kagami looking exasperated. That was when Adrien began to mentally prepare for what was coming when he went home. Kagami being angry wasn't what surprised him, it was the fact that Marinette actually acknowledged him and waved at him even.

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