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Marinette was annoyed when she heard her pain-in-the-ass roommate actually showed up to the dorm room for once, currently in a scream fest with her ex-boyfriend. Adrien furrowed his brow at the bluenette, and nudged her as they stood at the wooden door of Marinette's dorm. She could hear the frantic yelling of whoever was inside, and she inwardly groaned.

"You know... We both don't have classes tomorrow, you could stay at my place." He offered and Marinette crossed her arms, looking up at the blonde. He chuckled, "Come on, princess. You already stayed over once, and nothing happened. I promise to keep my hands to myself." Adrien said, winking at the bluenette when he finished his sentence.

She reluctantly agreed, and the two headed across the hall toward Adrien's dorm. He unlocked the door, letting Marinette step in first before he closed it. It was always nice to have the petite woman over, even though she had only stayed once... She made Adrien's modern room significantly more cozy by just her presence. He kicked off his shoes somewhere near the door.

Marinette neatly placed her much smaller shoes by his own, and he laughed a little. "I'm gonna take a shower... you're welcome to join me if you want, princess." The blonde smirked and leaned closer to her, she rolled her eyes and pushed him away. "Thanks, but no thanks." She said, playfully glaring at him to which he ruffled her hair.

The bluenette turned away from him, not allowing him to see the blush on her face. A few seconds later she heard the bathroom door shut, and she fell flaccid against the smooth sheets on his bed. His room was dark, only a bit of moonlight poking through his window. She guessed he liked it that way...

She heard him turn the shower on, and she glanced at the bathroom door. She was a bit curious...


She pulled out her phone and scrolled through useless posts on Instagram for about 15 minutes when she remembered that tonight was Alya's date with Nino. Which meant that she would ironically be riding in Adrien's car, since Nino asked to borrow it. The bluenette chuckled, and tensed when she heard Adrien's voice.

"Marinette, can you get me a towel? Their in the closet!" He yelled through the door.

Marinette gulped, and walked over to the closet housing mostly Gabriel Agreste Brand clothing. She stood on her tippy toes to reach the towels at the top of the shelf, eventually jumping to finally score one. She walked over to the bathroom and gently knocked on the door. If he needed a towel, why was the shower to still running?

She shrugged and opened the door, a crimson red painting her skin at the sight in front of her.

Of course, she wasn't stupid

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Of course, she wasn't stupid. She knew Adrien was ripped and had seen him shirtless a few times before. Maybe it was something about the lighting that made his appearance even more delicious. She gaped at the model, and frantically threw the towel on the counter before slamming the door shut.

She had never seen male... appendages... up front, so when she had gotten a glimpse it made her extremely tense. She heard him laugh on the other side of the door and she threw herself onto his bed, hiding her face in his pillows which smelt like peppermint. She couldn't get that stupid sight of her head.

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