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"So, do you wanna ride the Ferris Wheel?" Adrien asked the bluenette who gasped in horror, "No you uncultured swine! We're supposed to ride it last- after we've had a bunch of fun and calmed down... and after you've won me a teddy bear." Marinette said in a matter of fact sort of way, to which Adrien rolled his eyes playfully.

"Come on princess, cut me some slack. I've never been to the fair." Adrien said defensively and Marinette laughed a little, "Sorry... I may be a little too excited. Especially since I get to be your first experience at the fair." Adrien smirked at Marinette who flushed in embarrassment. "I was excited when I got to be your first experience-"

"ADRIEN." Marinette said before he could finish his not-so family friendly sentence. "There are little ones here too, ya know." The bluenette scolded, and he chuckled, "I know. I also knew that you would stop me before I could finish- so good on you princess." He looked to the side when he earned a glare from his feisty yet beautiful girlfriend.

The blonde was surprised to hear an exaggerated gasp escape Marinette's pink lips, pointing at the stuffed bears pinned up against a specific booth. Before a word left his or her mouth, she immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him a long to the booth. The bluenette stared in awe at the pink stuffed teddy bear draped across the front of the booth in a tempting manner.  

"It's so fluffy!" Marinette squeaked, "Adrien please I have to try and win one!" The blonde chuckled and stared at the small hoops and mini basketballs, he stepped to the front and cracked his knuckles. "Don't worry princess, I used to play basketball." Technically he didn't play basketball on a team, but he had a hoop in his old bedroom.

After 3 rounds of booths, Adrien had officially won Marinette one pink teddy bear, a cute stuffed squishymallow lamb, and a tiny stuffed cat.

"Mommy, mommy! That's Adrien Agreste!" The couple turned their attention towards the little child who pointed at Adrien with admiration in his eyes. "Come on Louis-- leave the lovely couple alone honey." His mother spoke gently. Adrien looked at Marinette who nodded, seemingly having the same idea.

The blonde gently pulled his girlfriend closer to the small family, kneeling over when the small child crained his neck just to look at him. "Woah... You're even taller than I thought you would be!" He saw in amazement, and Adrien laughed and ruffled the child's hair. "It's Louis- isn't it?" He asked and Louis immediately nodded his head up and down- his mouth open.

"How did you know my name!?" He asked Adrien, and Marinette winked at his mother who smiled.

"I don't know, I guess I just knew." The blonde said almost cockily, as if he was trying to impress the child and... truth is, he was. Louis laughed and pointed at his clothing. "Gee, I like your plagg." He said sheepishly and Adrien furrowed a brow. "What's plagg mean?"

Louis smiled as if he was excited to explain. "I just learned it yesterday in Ms. Blue's class- plagg means clothing or garment in Norweggie!" He said happily and his mother laughed, "Its norwegian sweet heart..." She corrected politely which caused Marinette and Adrien to burst out into laughter.

After a few more words with Louis and an autograph Adrien and Marinette decided to continue exploring the fair. There were countless rides and rollercoaster awaiting their arrival. His favorite part was the picture shot at the end of the ride when he and Marinette got to make silly faces after being scared to death.

Something he would never forget.

After taking several shots and making out in the photo booth, the couple decided that since they had enough fun, calmed down, and won a teddy bear, it was finally time to ride the ferris wheel as an end result... Marinette's favorite part.


"It's beautiful..." Marinette spoke softly, she was sitting at the top of the Ferris wheel with Adrien. The blonde wrapped his arm around her, enjoying the view of the sun setting behind the Eiffel Tower. She leaned her head on his shoulder, her fingers lacing with his atop of her lap.

The couple enjoyed the calming silence as well as the company they provided each other. Adrien had never felt so at ease, not feeling any pressure from his father or his fans. He didn't feel like he had to be perfect with Marinette, he could just be himself. It was a comforting feeling, he always wanted to protect Marinette because of how she made him feel.

The blonde pressed a small kiss to her forehead, and she smiled before pressing her tiny stuffed cat's face to his forehead. Adrien laughed and just held her tighter, as if he was afraid he'd ever lose her. Because he was. Adrien didn't ever want to lose Marinette, he'd rather lose himself if he was being honest.

"You know that note card you left outside my door with a rose?" Marinette brought up, and Adrien nodded slowly. "I still have it." She said softly, and he smiled a little. "I think I'll always keep this little stuffed cat." She said proudly and his heart seemed to ache a little at the thought of her still keeping the note.

"What are you gonna name it?" He asked and Marinette brushed her thumb across her bottom lip, considered several names before she slightly gasped. "What was it that little kid-- Louis! What was it Louis said he learned in Norwegian?" She asked and Adrien chuckled. "Don't you mean norweggie?"

Marinette rolled her eyes playfully before lifting the tiny stuffed cat higher in the air. "I'm going to name him Plagg." She said proudly, and Adrien rested his arm behind her shoulders. "Plagg definitely suits him." He spoke and Marinette nodded in agreement.

After Marinette and Adrien got back to his dorm and showered she slipped on one of his t-shirts once more. While he held her in his arms she held plagg in her arms, and dreamed about spending the rest of her life with Adrien Agreste.

Little did she know...

Little did she know

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