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"Yes! Just like that!" The photographer exclaimed, fawning over Adrien's fake smile. Of course he knew nothing about the blonde, but saw him as a star nonetheless. Once again he could feel the void in his heart return, covering his sadness with a fake grin. A facade. He was a joke.

Adrien sighed when he was finally alone in his casting room for the ad his father was sponsoring. He didn't even like the brand he was currently wearing, but he pretended to as usual.

The door to the room suddenly opened to reveal a tall and lithe man, his father. Gabriel closed the door, walking over to Adrien with an emotionless face. Nothing new. Why Adrien was so surprised is because his father rarely went out of the house, so why was he here at the photo shoot?

"Adrien, I'd like to give you some motivation since you clearly aren't in the game today." His father coldly spoke, he was merciless. "You've been in college for a few months now, might I remind you that you still have responsibility to practice your poses, languages, and piano. It's obvious you haven't been, so I think its best you move back home and have Natalie schedule online classes instead."

Adrien looked up at Gabriel, feeling ashamed and embarrassed. He felt weak, like he was still the same teenage boy that was willing to do anything in order to please his relentless father. But stop going to college? Lose Marinette? He thought about yesterday morning, and the night before.

He couldn't lose her.

"With all due respect father, I'm a grown adult and perfectly capable of making my own decisions. I think it's best I continue at the University of Paris in person. I won't compromise that, and me continuing there is non-negotiable." Adrien was surprised at his own words, noticing the slight shift in Gabriel's expression. He had never once said no to his father, not even indirectly.

He had now indirectly gave his father an absolute no. It had surprisingly, felt really fucking good. Not because he valued disrespect, but because he was finally able to stand up for what he wanted while being completely reasonable and respectful.

"I think you've forgotten your place, son." Gabriel's voice was passive aggressive, indicating that he was definitely not happy with Adrien's slight rebellion. "No father, I just won't allow you to control my life any longer." The blonde retorted definitively.

"Clearly we're not going to agree. I don't like this new attitude, just because your an adult doesn't mean I will tolerate disrespect." His father spat, using his words against Adrien in such a manipulative way it was sickening. "It's not disrespectful father, you have to accept that I'm not always going to comply from now on. I already made my choice, and I'm not going to change my mind."

He stood up, now at his father's height. Gabriel scoffed, "I see." He spoke, fixing his glasses as he began to walk out of the room. He paused before he closed the door, not bothering to even give his son one last glance. "Your mother would be disappointed." And with that, he closed the door... Leaving behind his broken son.


"I... I love it." Marinette said, she was genuine. Luka let out a breath of relief, "That's good to hear." He spoke, and Marinette smiled. The song Luka had played really was beautiful, a perfect symphony. As promised, she had come over to give him constructive criticism. "To be honest, I have no complaints. It was a beautiful song, Luka."

"I wrote it for you, Marinette."

A small blush coated her cheeks, when he smiled at her and waited for a response. His crystal blue eyes were waiting, begging for the right words. Like whatever she said next determined whatever else would happen during the time she was over. It made her nervous, as she cleared her throat and looked away from him. "I... Thank you, Luka. That's really sweet of you."

His pale hand landed on her own, black fingernails tracing the side of her wrist. "You're the most extraordinary girl, Marinette... As clear as a music note, and sincere as a melody. You're the music that's been playing inside my head since the first day we met." Luka spoke softly, the bluenette felt her heart rate begin to accelerate.

He leaned closer to her, "The moment I saw you singing on that stage, you stole my heart. I realized you were the most beautiful girl I've ever seen..." Marinette froze when he pulled her closer, his face inches away from hers. "Do you feel the same way?" He asked, his blue eyes drenched with hope.

It made her heart ache, the heat rising to her cheeks. "I... I..." Her eyes darted to his lips, his nose brushing against hers. She didn't know what to say, his words were just so- beautiful. Her eyes fluttered closed when he pressed his lips against her own, leaning into her. Her hands grabbed the sides of his shoulders, and she pictured Adrien.

She thought about each kiss that he left on her skin, the marks he had made on her neck and the undeniable chemistry they shared during their steamy make out session. His hands gripping at her bare skin in an entrancing way, turning her on with every touch.

Why? Why was she thinking about Adrien right now!? He left her at the bar for some stranger. But he did apologize for it... Ugh why was she thinking about all this right now? Her mind was split into two different sides, urging her to push him away but begging her to continue... just to get even.

He desperately pulled her in for more, continuing to kiss her. His lips overlapped hers, asking for more. As much as she was tempted to let him in, she knew that she couldn't.
If it was just about getting even... She couldn't do that to Luka. Or herself...

She let out several breaths, pushing him away and keeping her hands on his shoulders. "I-I can't..." She whispered, so softly he could barely hear it. There was a moment of silence that draped over the two before he spoke. "It's about Adrien, isn't it?" He asked, and she didn't dare look into his pleading eyes.

"If you love him, I won't be jealous you know."

Marinette looked to he side, tears dwelling in her eyes. "I-I don't know what I want! I just... I don't want to use you, Luka. I can't do that to you." Her eyes trailed up to him, he offered her a weak smile. "That's why I love you, Marinette... I... I don't care if you use me," he said, his hands cupping her face.

"I'll always be here when you need me, I'll always be here waiting for you... You can use me." He said, wiping the tear that slid down her cheek. "You're it for me."


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