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Marinette loved the rush she was able to feel from the loud music. Her eyes had that sparkle in them, like she was having the best time of her life. Jagged Stone was performing one of her favorite songs, and she and Alya were lucky enough to be in the front row! She just felt so happy.

The smoke machine illuminated an aesthetic purple fog onto the stage, which just seemed to suit jagged so perfectly. There were blue, pink, and purple lights everywhere inside the concert and purple LED lights surrounding the entire concert. "Check out that DJ sitting at the booth." Alya said, loud enough so that Marinette could hear it through the music.

Marinette laughed, "I'm sure you could pull him if you wanted." Alya wiggled her eyebrows playfully. "I might just stay a bit after the concert in that case."

"Let me introduce you to our two guests this evening! First... We have our very own model... ADRIEN AGRESTE!" Jagged said into the microphone, wait... Agreste? Marinette's eyes beamed as she realized Gabriel Agreste's son would be there. And the moment she saw him walk onto the stage, her mouth dropped and she heard several screams and squeals around her.





Her heart dropped, and she felt like she had a lump in her throat. The man... Down the hall... WAS ADRIEN AGRESTE????

How could she be so stupid?!? Of course that's why she recognized him... She inwardly groaned, and Alya smirked as she looked at her best friends face. "Wow he's even more better looking than on photograph..." Alya admitted, but he wasn't exactly her type. "Who knew Adrien Agreste would be here?"

Marinette turned to Alya, grabbing her shoulders. "T-the boy-- t-the boy down the hall!! That's him!" Marinette said, in shock and Alya's jaw dropped to the floor. "Are you kidding??? You've been turning down Adrien AGRESTE?" Marinette nodded and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Ugh... I'm so stupid. How did I not recognize him??" Alya immediately broke into a fit of laughter. "Girl, you're too much. But hey, you did tell him you were going to the concert right?" Marinette nodded and Alya smirked. "Of course, that's probably why he showed up like this. Otherwise they would've announced on the flyers that he was going to be here to bring in more people."

Marinette covered her face, "This is not happening..."

She looked back at the stage, he was sporting a black tight ripped t-shirt, and ripped light-wash jeans. He had on black cross earrings and it brought out his striking emerald green eyes. She wasn't used to this sense of style on him that he wore because of the of the concert... But it really suited him...

She watched as his eyes seemed to be searching the crowd, and she wondered if he was looking for... Her...

Her eyes met his, and his movements of waving to the crowd slowly came to an end when he saw her. She was gorgeous. She was sporting a black skin-tight dress, her long voluminous hair was down and wavy. Her bangs framing her face and she looked absolutely stunning. He wasn't used to her wearing eyeliner, but he detail brought out her blue eyes and he felt his heart hammer in his chest.

A small blush coated her cheeks as she gave him a small wave, and he winked at her. Alya squealed, happy for Marinette but also slightly jealous- in a good way- that her gorgeous bestie could easily pull a 11/10 model. Jagged slugged his arm around Adrien's broad shoulders, capturing his attention.

"I'd also like to introduce... One of the best guitarists and rockers in Paris... My son, Luka Couffaine!!!" Jagged shouted, and the crowd went wild.

She watched as Luka walked onto the stage and stood next to Adrien. He was slightly shorter than Adrien, around 6'3 but he was taller than jagged by a bit. Jagged stood on the other side of Adrien, and she could see a slight resemblance between the two. The tips of Luka's black hair were a light turquoise, matching his eyes. His nails were painted black, and he had metal rings on almost all of his fingers.

He had pale skin like his father, and he was wearing a white jagged stone t-shirt matched with black ripped jeans. Marinette felt herself blush, he was very good looking. Him and Adrien right next to each other was overwhelming, this was obvious as the crowd seemed to get even louder.

"What do you say Adrien, me and my boy play while you sing?" The crowd really seemed to enjoy that idea as they screamed in excitement. Adrien smirked, "I can't sing jagged, but I know someone who knows your lyrics well... And can sing way better than me." Marinette felt her heart race, she hoped he wasn't talking about her.

She remembered her talk with him while he walked her to her car the other day, when she told him she knew every lyric to Jagged's songs... And he did tease her about how good of a singer she was when he heard her humming while they studied together. Jagged furrowed a brow, "Bring em up mate." Adrien grinned as he walked closer to the crowd and he brought the microphone to his lips.

He reached his hand out to the bluenette and she felt like she was about to pass out. "What do you say Marinette..? Will you sing with me?" She nearly fainted, but instead took his hand and he pulled her onto the stage with him in a brief second. Alya screamed with excitement and Marinette waved at her best friend who gave her a thumbs up.

"The lyrics are also on the screen at the back of the crowd, so if you forget them just look there." Adrien whispered to her and she nodded, he was about to pull his hand away when she squeezed his hand tighter. He smiled at her, a look of sympathy on his face when he knew she was nervous.

"Get this pretty lil lady a microphone, yeah?" Jagged said and Marinette blushed when she felt the crowds eyes were all on her. "Just take a deep breath." Adrien said softly, and Marinette felt her heart hammering in her chest. It felt good... But nerve wracking at the same time. Her thin fingers wrapped around the microphone that Luka gave her before offering her a small smile.

"Rock on!" Jagged said, hitting his usual pose. The lights seemed to dim, and Marinette took a deep breath, like Adrien had told her to. She smiled at him before her eyes searched the crowd to see Alya giving her a thumbs up, and she mouthed 'you can do this girl'

Marinette frowned in determination as she heard the familiar tune of her absolute favorite song from Jagged begin. She sucked in a sharp breath, before bringing the microphone close to her lips... and she sang.

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