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Warning: chapter contains sexual content.


The sound of ruffling sheets and heavy breathing clouded Marinette's ears as almost every bit of clothing had been completely abandoned by the side of the bed. Adrien pulled her into a once more dizzying kiss, she felt like she could just pass out. She felt him pepper kisses down her neck and collarbone, a whimper escaping her mouth at the feeling of his wet lips against her heated body.

Adrien was incredibly turned on, which was strange considering the state he had been in about fifteen minutes before. Nevertheless, he knew he would enjoy every moment he would spend with Marinette the rest of the night. He intended to taste every single sweet spot on her body. Every. Single. One.

He delicately captured the sensitive skin on her neck between his lips, his tongue swiping over it as he gently suckled on it. His leg went in between hers, his hand tracing down the sides of her hips. Her hands squeezed his flexed biceps, pressing her thighs together. Her hands blindly roamed around the caramel skin on his chest and up to his defined shoulder blades.

Her fingers led to the nape of his neck, threading through his soft locks of golden hair. She stared into his gorgeous emerald green eyes. He just couldn't get over how beautiful she was. His hand slid down her toned waist, skimming over her flesh which made her shiver as a result. Marinette whimpered as he slowly rubbed her throughout her thin panties, feeling how wet she was.

"Please..." She whispered against his lips, she didn't even have to specify what exactly she was asking for. He wanted her more than anything. The uncomfortable pitch in his boxers was enough to prove that. His hands roamed around the beautiful soft skin on her body, feeling every part. His lithe fingers pulled her black lacy panties down her beautiful legs, as she took a deep breath.

He let the lacy under garment rest at her foot, dipping his head down further and leaving a trail of wet kisses down her body. His hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together slowly, his thumbs sensually teasing her hardened nipples. Her body was so beautiful, and fit perfectly in his hands.

He slipped her knees over his shoulders, cupping underneath her thighs and spreading her legs wider. Marinette felt embarrassed, completely exposed to the blonde. "You're beautiful." He spoke, a sense of relief washing away her worries as he pressed delicate kisses to her inner thigh. She didn't know what to expect, so when his tongue dipped into her slit she unconsciously clenched the sheets.

She moaned, his face buried into the sweet spot between her legs. She could spot his blonde head of hair underneath her, feverishly lapping at her pussy. His tongue dragging up her slit before he gently suckled her clit. She gasped, her thighs flexing in reaction to the intense pleasure. "Ahh..." Her nails dug into his bedsheets, his hands forcing her body closer with one effortless pull on her legs.

He had never tasted anything quite like it, it kind of tasted like nothing but since it was Marinette he enjoyed it like it was fucking candy. He happily lapped at her pink flesh, tracing circles onto her hips in attempt to comfort the bluenette. He wouldn't be surprised if he had somehow enjoyed it more than her, but when her legs lightly shook in an orgasm he knew she liked it.

"W-woah..." She breathed out, a chuckle emanating from him. "Was that your first orgasm, princess?" The bluenette nodded, seemingly speechless and utter shock. The blonde smirked, licking his lips before he went back up to her face. His thumb went underneath her chin, bringing her face closer to his and kissing her.

"I think I'm addicted now." He spoke in a hoarse voice, it was a bit exhilarating. Her heart hammered in her chest when he slipped his tongue into her mouth, allowing her to taste herself. His lips overlapped hers as his hands clutched her breasts. She moaned into his mouth, his lips separating from hers with an audible pop.

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