-Rear View Mirror-

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Adrien couldn't keep his eyes off of the bluenette the next day.

He didn't pay attention to the lecture, as usual. All he could see was the beautiful woman seated next to him, who had her hands all over him just yesterday. He couldn't stop thinking about it. His eyes traveled from her lightly freckled cheek to her beautiful pink lips, he wanted nothing more than to just kiss her again.

The blonde smirked, grabbing a blue pen and scribbling down a teasing note. He couldn't help himself.

Marinette tensed when she felt his masculine hand slide down her thigh, just like yesterday. He was taunting her, and she hated that she didn't dislike it. Her hand grabbed his in attempt to stop him, but he knew that she would do that, which is exactly why he did it. He turned her dainty hand to place a small piece of paper in her palm, staring at the board even though his attention was unmistakably on her.

She glared at the side of his face, unraveling the small piece of paper that was most likely ripped off of her notebook.

Tu as l’air sexy comme d’habitude princesse, rappelez-vous, je ne suis que dans le couloir.

He even put a winky face beside it!

A crimson red spread across her lightly freckled cheeks, her eyes slightly widening as she read the scandalous note written in blue.

He let out a grunt when she purposely stepped on his foot, effectively smashing his toe which earned the attention from those around him. Marinette placed her chin on the back of her hand, her blue bells focused on the professor who looked at Adrien with a knowing look. She was satisfied.

Now she was the one smirking.


"Aww, come on princess. You know you wanna~" the blonde teased as he walked Marinette to her car. "Sorry pretty boy, but I really need to get to work before I'm late." The bluenette retorted, causing a pout on Adrien's face. It was only then that the bluenette realized she had forgotten her car keys on her nightstand, and she'd have to be late if she wanted to retrieve them.

Adrien smirked, seeing the problem and happily taking advantage of the opportunity.

"I could take you."

Marinette turned and glared at him, "Oh please, I'm not getting on your motorcycle." she said, almost offended. He knew the reason as to why, she didn't want to seem easy like the other girls he had taken on a mischievous ride. "You wanna be late?" Adrien asked, arching his brow. Why did he have to be so hot?

"Why don't we just use your car?" Marinette begged, pleading him with her blue bells. Adrien would've fell for it if his car wasn't currently being used. "Nino wanted to use it to woo some chick, so I let him." He said with a simple shrug and Marinette frowned. "What chick?" She asked, a bit defensive.

"Don't know, I think her name was Alma?"


Adrien chuckled, "Well, what do you say princess? I can pick you up after." Marinette crossed her arms, dreading that he was right when he said that one day, she would let him take her for a ride. Why did he always have to be right? Especially when it came to things like this, that seemed insignificant but tore her to shreds!


Within the next few minutes, Marinette currently sat perched up behind Adrien on his leather seated bike. He plopped a black helmet on her head, winking at her before he placed a bigger helmet on himself. Even though she disliked the idea of riding with him on the motorcycle, she had to admit how well kept and polished the bike was.

"It's pretty fast, so you need to hold on." Adrien said over the roaring of the engine. Marinette looked to the side, slightly pinching the end of the silky black shirt he was wearing. "I'll be fine like this." She said, and she could see a smirk curl across his lips through the rear view mirror.

"If you say so, princess." He said it like he knew the outcome of what was about to happen, and she realized soon after why he held a smug smirk on his lips. His hand was set steadily on the clutch, an expensive yet stylish black watch wrapped around his tan wrist. She blushed when she saw the noticeable veins on the back of his hand and arms.

She hated to admit it, but it was really unfair how attractive he was. He released the clutch and pressed the gas petal, causing a gasp to escape Marinette's glossed lips once the vehicle started. The immediate impact causing her to chest to press against his back and she wrapped her arms around his torso.

She heard a chuckle emanate from him, the blush painting her delicate skin. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and she hated it. Or... She secretly liked it and didn't want to admit it to herself, even though her heart made it very clear. Only then did she allowed herself to lean her head against him, and indulge in the enticing scent his cologne provided.

He felt safe.

Her arms tightened around him, her thin fingers softly tracing the soft fabric that covered his wide chest. A small smile crept up on his lips when he knew she wasn't looking, he felt his chest tighten. He loved the way she was able to make him feel, he just wasn't able to understand it. In fact, he was almost sure he would never know. He was some how satisfied with never knowing.

"My shift ends at 10:00..." Marinette said softly, placing the motorcycle helmet in his hands. "I... Thank you, Adrien. I owe you." The bluenette remarked, a beautiful smile occupying her pink lips. He tried to ignore the fluttery feeling in his heart when she did so. "Don't mention it."

He watched as she walked into to the cafe, a small piece of her work clothing hanging out of her bag. He missed the warmth that surrounded him a minute ago, but took off nonetheless. He also happened to miss the sight of a blue hair dyed man walking a block away from the cafe, too lost in his own thoughts.

Luka didn't notice the blonde man on the motorcycle either, and continued to make his way to the cafe Marinette currently worked at.

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