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Marinette didn't know if it was the heat of the hot springs or the heat of moment, but she had no doubt in her mind about the predicament she had gotten herself into. She wanted this.

Her lips moved against Adrien's desperately, his hands resting on her beautifully wide hips. His perfectly shaped eyebrows narrowed as he kissed the woman passionately, his tongue fighting hers for dominance. He knew exactly where this was going, and he had no protests whatsoever.

He was ready whenever she was, and when she had confessed to him a minute ago that she was indeed ready- he saw no hesitation in the blue of her eyes. The girl meant too much to him to simply use her for sexual relief or experience. If just kissing her felt this good, he couldn't even imagine how good it would feel to become one with her.

Marinette's lips had become a cherry red from all the kissing they had done, the steam coming from the water making her skin damp and hot. "A-adrien..." She breathed against his lips, his green eyes locking with hers. Her hands clutched onto his shoulder attempting to catch her breath. She was an erotic mess, the sultry look she gave him made his chest tighten at the thought of continuing.

He had never felt so much emotions at once. It scared him, he felt like he could never stop.

The steam from the water mixed with all the friction between them had become overwhelming. Without warning he stood up with the girl in his arms and walked over to the cool stone wall. It was like he had read her mind, not that she didn't want to stop kissing him, but the heat was immense.

His hand was placed against the wall, her blue bell eyes locking with his. She had almost forgotten how tall he was, because she now had to look up at him like usual.
She made sure to keep eye contact with him when she slid her dainty fingers down his bare skin. Her hand gripped onto the black towel he was wearing. Her thin white towel had become see-through, dripping with drops of water, yet Adrien was almost completely dry since he never fully got in.

His emerald green eyes never left hers, as she began to pull down the fabric covering his impatient member

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His emerald green eyes never left hers, as she began to pull down the fabric covering his impatient member. A smirk curling on his slightly swollen lips when he took a good look at all the successful marks he had made on the soft skin of her neck and collarbone. His eyes shifted towards the door that hastily swung open, a slight gasp escaping her pink lips.

Her hands hesitantly pulled away from his virile body, much to his dismay.

The spa manager's jaw had almost dropped, a blush of embarrassment coating her cheeks. Seeing the two so close to each other and the newly-made hickeys occupying Marinette's lovely neck made their scandalous predicament quite obvious. "I-I'm so sorry! Please! Forget I was here!" The old woman squeaked, slamming the door shut.

Marinette felt the heat rise to her cheeks, quite disappointed she didn't continue but also too embarrassed to continue. Adrien rubbed the back of his neck nervously, he didn't know what to say in such awkward circumstances. His silence was also just another effect Marinette had on him, she always left the blonde speechless.

The other effect Marinette had on him at the moment was also quite painful and throbbing.

"Uhh- we should get going." Marinette said softly, breaking the suffocating silence. Adrien frowned a little, "I...'' His eyes glossed across her face, a crimson red painting her skin. He didn't want to push her, but he thought she said she was ready. What had changed? Damn that stupid manager.

"Yeah... Okay."


The two sat in awkward silence when they got in his car, Marinette was now clothed back in her pajamas. Adrien was wearing a black t-shirt and light wash jeans. He didn't know where to begin. He didn't know if she even wanted to speak to him. Yet, he broke the silence anyway.

"I'm sorry Marinette..." He spoke softly, keeping this eyes trained on the road. The bluenette frowned and looked up at him, "Sorry? For what?" She asked timidly, her delicate voice calming his tense shoulders and he relaxed a little. "When you said you were ready, I selfishly took advantage of that. I didn't mean to scare you..."

Her blue bell eyes landed on the side of his face, his eyebrows knitted together in concern. His words were genuine and sincere, she didn't understand how he could be so sweet yet such a dick at other times. Not that it was particularly aimed at her, but she had seen both sides of him now. She liked this side of him.

"Adrien, you didn't scare me. I just..." Marinette brought her thin fingers to her lips, brushing her thumb across her bottom lip- something she often did when she was deep in thought. "I've never gone that far with anyone... I really enjoyed it. That's what scared me. It felt like I couldn't stop..."

Adrien glanced at her for split second before diverting his emerald eyes back to the road, he had felt the same way she did too. He never wanted to stop... But he was surprised to know she hadn't gone that far with anyone, shocked even. He didn't show it though, because there was nothing wrong with that.

"When the manager walked in, it was a reminder of why I had to stop. It had nothing to do with you, and you didn't do anything wrong. It's just..." She looked to the side, shifting her legs uncomfortably. She couldn't find the right words, so she was relieved to hear Adrien speak. "It's okay, Marinette. You don't owe me an explanation."

Her lips parted, looking at the driver who was already looking at her with a small smile on his face. She felt her heart thump erratically in her chest, a blush coating her cheeks and she squeezed her thighs together. He was... Exemplary.


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