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"GIRL YOU'RE SO LUCKY." Alya exclaimed over the phone, and Marinette groaned. "Having two boys fight over you isn't exactly lucky..." She grumbled. "Having two extremely hot men pining over you is incredibly lucky." The brunette corrected, "Seriously I mean... Adrien Agreste?! The hot model son of you're fave fashion designer!? And Luka Couffaine?! The hot musician son of you're fave singer?!"

She heard Alya shriek over the phone, much to her ears dismay. "I'd say you're pretty lucky, girl."

"But Alya, you know I'm not interested in dating right now! Especially since---" the brunette cut her off, "Especially since you want to focus on college to become a fashion designer... I know, girl. But like I said before, a little romance couldn't hurt right?" Marinette looked to the side, "I... I guess." She grumbled making Alya smirk.

"Well hey you seemed to really hit it off with Nino, anything new?" Marinette asked and Alya sighed. "Not really. But yeah you're totally right, we're gonna go on a second date pretty soon. I really like him so, hopefully things work out." Marinette smiled, happy for her best friend. "That's great, Als."

Just then, there was a knock at the door. "I have a surprise princess..." A masculine voice said behind the door.

"I sense something else that's great~" Alya teased, and Marinette felt like her heart had stopped beating. It was 10:30 in the morning and she was still wearing her pajamas! The bluenette froze, "BYE ALS!" She squeaked before frantically rushing to get the door. She slightly cracked the door open, revealing a particular blonde.

Adrien had a huge smile on his face, holding a ticket in his right hand. He smile got even bigger when he saw the bluenette, "W-what's that?" Marinette asked, and Adrien waltzed inside the dorm without hesitation. "This? Oh nothing... Just a free ticket to the greatest spa in Paris." He hinted and Marinette giggled at smug look on his face.

"It'd be free for the both of us, Marinette... That is, if you'd like to go." Adrien spoke, and Marinette furrowed a brow. "Is there a catch?" She asked, a small smirk making its way onto her pink lips. "Nope. Just you're company, princess." The blush painted her skin, he wanted to go with her? "I'd love to go, Adrien. But, I'd have to get changed..."

He looked her up and down and chuckled, "It's a spa, Marinette... Not the Met Gala. But if you want to go to the Met, just let me know." He said jokingly, a cute frown on her face. "Kidding! What I mean to say is, you're adorable and I think you look great." The blonde complimented, he was cute...

Marinette shrugged, "As you wish, pretty boy."

After the bluenette grabbed her things, the two had left for the most prestigious spa in Paris. Marinette was glad things weren't awkward between them even after their last encounter with each other. Her chest tightened every time he looked at her, even though she would never admit it.

"We should take my ride." The blonde offered, causing an eye roll from Marinette. "No, I'm not one of your 'motorcycle-makeout girls." She said, "We're taking mine." He gave her a playful plug and rolled his eyes, "You will one day." He sad, quite sure of himself and she simply shrugged. "Not happening."

It wasn't too long before they arrived at the Spa, and since Adrien was, well... Adrien Agreste... The manager welcomed the two with open arms, seemingly cheerful.

Marinette had never been to a spa before, so if she could describe the relaxing experience with one word it would be... Refreshing. The back massages and seaweed face masks seemed to make her skin glow. She never quite understood why they put cucumbers over her eyes though, but she also didn't care enough to ask why.

"The tickets also granted access to one of our private hot spring sections." The kind worker spoke, her voice was very high pitched and overall sweet. "I'll get you a towel, sweet heart."

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