-Ocean's Eleven-

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"So... Your parents like me?" Adrien questioned, staring at the bluenette as if he was in disbelief. "Yeah, they said you were trouble, but a keeper." She retorted simply, and the blonde chuckled at her odd response. "Trouble?" He asked and Marinette shrugged. "My mom thinks your handsome to the point where every girl throws themself at you... Which isn't exactly true... But isn't wrong either."

The blonde immediately frowned and prepared a witty response,"Yeah well what about almost every guy breaking their neck to get a good look at you when you walk by them?" Adrien saidin a defensive manner and Marinette laughed. "That's what my dad said, he likes you a lot."

Adrien sighed, his hands comfortably situated around her waist as they watched her favorite anime. He had to admit it, Assault on Giants (AOG) was a really intriguing show and it was pretty easy to keep an open mind. He didn't understand why Evan wouldn't show his feelings for Melissa, the chemistry they shared was pretty obvious.

He felt Marinette's back press against his chest, curling her toes in  a pair of pink fluffy socks he had bought her just last week. He got her a few sets of silk pajamas, perfumes, jewelry, and even some lacy panties and lingerie. Even though she refused the gifts at first, she eventually accepted them with a bit of guilt.

He still couldn't understand why she would feel guilty about him buying her things, he did it because he loved her and wanted to see her smile. Plus he had enough money to spare...

She hummed along to the catchy intro of the first season on Assault on Giants, and he couldn't help but chuckle. She was just so cute, he was the happiest he'd ever been in his life with her. It had officially been 5 months since the two had started dating, and since Marinette had become sexually active...

Marinette had become partially famous as Adrien's girlfriend, and most of the girls in Paris envied her while most of the guys considered Adrien lucky.

Which the blonde did consider himself lucky, partially because his girlfriend was the most beautiful girl he'd ever laid eyes on- and mostly because her soul seemed to match his perfectly and he had fallen head over heels for the woman. Marinette was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he'd say it with pride every time.

"Are you excited to go to the fair tomorrow?" He asked softly, and Marinette paused the show. "Yup, can't wait to ride the Farris wheel." She said with a grin exposing her purely white teeth. Adrien chuckled at her childish smile and ruffled her hair, pulling her closer to his body as he pressed a kiss against the back of her shoulder.


Luka was heart broken...

And if he was being honest with himself, he was having trouble coming up with new lyrics for his song.

Marinette was of course the girl his song was focused on, but apparently Adrien and her started dating a while ago. Which meant that after his confession, after he kissed her, begged her to stay... She chose Adrien over him. And how could he blame her? He was a model, successful, possessive and literally lived a few dorm rooms away.

If she had chosen Luka, it would have been a pain in the ass to see him all the time.

He tried to focus on only the strings of his guitar, but he just couldn't. He sighed and churned his mind back to the old cafe Marinette was working at, wondering if maybe he should talk to her and give himself some closure. She clearly wasn't interested in the life that he wanted with her.

So then again maybe he just shouldn't.

Adrien had won fair and square, he got the girl, and for a while Luka actually began to believe something was wrong himself because the good guy always got the girl. Then Luka had finally come to the realization that- that wasn't always true.

He had reconsidered the situation over and over again, and wondered if there was some sort of thing he could do to win Marinette over.

He even imagined those cheesy scenarios where Marinette ran into his arms and the scenery ended with him punching Adrien in the face. Although he wasn't scared of Adrien, he also knew he probably wouldn't win in a fight against the guy. And Marinette would never willingly jump into his arms when she was in a relationship- because she wasn't like that... which he was thankful for.

He had sort of let himself go, not physically... But he constantly felt like shit and felt like a loser. For the time being- he kind of was. He'd admit it quite shamelessly, even when his father tried to talk him into looking into the good side. In this situation, there was no good side. He was a 26 year old dude pining after a girl who was already in a relationship- living off his father's fame and the guitars he had crafted in his early teens.
He spent most of his time hoping Adrien would mess up so he could weasel his way back in, and with the rest of his time- he literally did nothing.

Luka was well off, and if he wanted to he could probably retire for life and live comfortably... Which he had considered several times this month due to his lack of motivation. Even so, he felt like there was more he could do. And even though he felt like there was more he could do... He sat on his leather couch munching on a bag of potato chips and occasionally a bowl of ice cream.

He was watching ocean's eleven for what felt like the millionth time- but it was his comfort movie so he didn't mind that he already knew exactly what would happen next.

There was just no excitement in his life, and he was tired of it. He had even considered signing up for one of those dating apps- but it really wasn't his thing. His father had encouraged him to go on a vacation and find himself- something like that- but he just couldn't find the motivation for it. Luka was kind of depressed at the moment...

So he continued watching Ocean's Eleven.

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