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Marinette smiled at her professor, boldly taking a seat in the front row. She wanted to be a designer, she had ever since she was a teenager and she hadn't given up on that. That was why she was so focused, so motivated. She couldn't let anything or anyone get in the way of her dreams.

"Hey there, princess." A familiar voice said, she didn't even have to look to know who it was. She didn't want to look, she didn't want her eyes to meet his. "Hmm... Now what could you, possibly want?" She asked, placing her chin on the palm of her hand as she looked at the blonde.

"Hmm... Your number?"

"Nice try."

Adrien scoffed, crossing his arms as he sat next to her. "Ouch." He leaned closer to her, noticing her arms tense a little before she shot him a somewhat playful glare. "Could I at least get your name, princess?" He watched the side of her face, her beautiful glossed lips curling into a small smile.
His eyes wandered to the trail of freckles that spilled across the bridge of her nose and the side of her cheek. Her blue bell eyes that were surrounded by her long, pretty, eyelashes were fixated on the front of the class. He knew she was stubborn, and he liked it. He liked it a lot.

He could tell she knew that he was staring at her, and he didn't even care. He wanted her to know. "If I tell you, will you stop staring at me?" She asked, and he chuckled. "I won't make any promises." He said softly and she tapped her notebook with her pencil.

Her blue eyes slowly connecting with his as she turned to the side to face him, her head slightly tilted to the side. "Marinette." She said softly, he had gotten distracted by her beauty, his heart slowly picking up its pace. "My name is Marinette."

She noticed a small smile form on his lips, a genuine smile. "Marinette... I like it. It's pretty." He complimented, she liked how his voice said her name, it rolled of his tongue with such ease, it felt only natural.
She wanted to ask him what his name was, until the professor began his lecture and Marinette got ready to take notes. She got a whiff of the expensive cologne he was wearing, the scent was delicious and refreshing.

Adrien couldn't help but notice how neat and organized her notes were, she had pretty handwriting. He didn't know why, but it made him like her more. He noticed how delicate her hands were, her skin was light and her nails were pretty. The bracelet on her wrist added to her character. It just seemed so... Marinette.

His eyes followed the creamy skin leading to her shoulder as she continued to scribble down notes. He noticed the white form fitting top she was wearing that brought out her beautiful collar bones. He realized he was gawking at her like an idiot but it only made her smile more.

He cleared his throat, trying to focus on the lecture. Gosh... He was off today. His usually careless and smooth attitude had been tossed out the window. He honestly felt a little embarrassed, he didn't know what his problem was.

The next few classes went by slow, he didn't have Marinette in any of them. So far, just his first class. He took a few breaks here and there, maybe grabbing a vitamin water from the vending machine. He was bored out of his mind, he had to start all over. Make new friends, and build his Agreste reputation.

He winked at the two girls that went by him, smirking as they giggled. He sighed, what was so different that he couldn't be that effortless in front of Marinette? He went to his last class of the day, disappointed he only had Marinette in one of his classes.

He chose a seat at the back of the class, he preferred the back, he didn't like to look clueless at the front. His eyes wandered to a girl who sat next to him, she had light blonde hair and brown eyes, a lithe frame and a purple top with checkered pants. "H-hi. You're Adrien Agreste right? I've always been a big fan..."

"My name is Jasmine." She said, holding her hand out and he gently shook it. He leaned against the back of his chair, as he listened to her rant about how cool it was to be sitting next to him. "I can't believe this is happening." She squealed, ah yes... Typical.

He didn't hear the rest of what she said, however, as a particular petite woman made her way into the classroom. His eyes connected for a small second with hers, a grin making its way onto his face when she offered him a small smile. She sat at the front of the class, unpacking her things.

He wanted to grab his stuff and move up to the front. He didn't want to deal with Jasmine's fangirling at the moment.
He usually didn't mind the attention, but right now Adrien wasn't in the mood for people fawning over him that didn't even know him.

"Uh sorry I don't mean to interrupt your story.... I'm gonna go sit with my friend." He said, grabbing his bag and walking up to the front of the class. Jasmine sat there, speechless. She glared at Marinette, crossing her arms as she watched Adrien sit next to her seemingly happy.

Marinette paid no mind to his doings, just focusing on the slight pain in her hand from writing notes all day. She thought maybe she could buy a tape recorder or something. Maybe turn on her phones recording to listen to the audio? No that'd waste too much storage... She wasn't sure.

But she one thing for sure, every problem has a solution.

She brushed her thumb across her bottom lip, Adrien seemed to notice this. Did she always do that when she was trying to focus? How cute... He was happy about one thing, at least he had her in one more of his classes. Plus, he was looking forward to that concert tomorrow.

Luckily, his pal Nino was gonna DJ at one of the booths, so he was able to get Adrien in even though all the tickets were sold out. He just hoped it was the right concert... He didn't know of any others that day. At the end of class he offered to walk Marinette to her dorm, since they were right next to each other.

"Sorry pretty boy, gotta head straight to work." She said as she packed up all her things and grabbed her keys. She was about to leave, much to his dismay, before she turned around to make one last remark. "Oh... I almost forgot." She offered him a smile, exposing her pearly white teeth. "Thanks for the rose." She said softly, a small blush blooming across his cheeks.

He didn't say anything, as he just admired her when she walked away. The professor furrowed a brow, "You're not gonna offer to walk her to her car?" He asked. Adrien mentally slapped himself, why didn't he think of that? He hastily grabbed his bag, "Marinette, wait up!"

 Adrien mentally slapped himself, why didn't he think of that? He hastily grabbed his bag, "Marinette, wait up!"

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