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"So your favorite color is pink, your favorite flowers are roses, your favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry, and your favorite genre is romance." Adrien said, but it was in a questionable tone. Marinette giggled, "You got a problem with that, pretty boy?" She asked before placing a spoonful of strawberry ice cream in her mouth.

Adrien laughed, "No, of course not." He said before smirking, simply because he knew his next sentence would rile her up. "It's just... you're such a princess." He explained in a teasing manner, easing a spoonful of vanilla ice cream into his mouth. The bluenette glared at him, "Yeah well you're boring." She retorted.

"I mean who goes to an ice cream shop just to get plain vanilla?"

The blonde rolled his eyes, "I told you-- it's not my favorite ice cream... They were out of mint okay??"

Marinette giggled and swung her legs back and forth, the two were currently sitting at the edge of a rather tall building. Adrien glanced down at the bluenette, "I'm surprised your not afraid of heights." He said, and Marinette shrugged. "I used to be terrified of them when I was little, but then I kind of stopped caring once I turned thirteen." She explained.

"Why specifically thirteen?"

"I went to a fair with my friends, and actually realized how pretty the view was from the Farris wheel." The bluenette answered while finishing her last scoop of ice cream. "Hmm... We should go to the fair." Adrien offered, and Marinette's eyes seemed to light up. "You know they only throw it once every few years right? And it's always in April, right before my birthday."

Adrien chuckled at her childlike reaction. The small smear of strawberry ice cream on her freckled cheekbone only making it more believable. "Hmm, I don't know... I've never been so I'm kind of a noob when it comes to things like that." His forest green eyes landed on her, as if he was memorizing this exact moment.

"Plus... I can't take you anywhere." The blonde teased, lightly licking the strawberry ice cream off of her cheekbone. A crimson blush painted her porcelain skin, almost losing her balance. "D-did you just lick me??" She questioned, reasonably...

"You had some ice cream on your cheek, princess." Adrien remarked, causing the bluenette to flush with embarrassment. "O-oh..." The two nearly jumped when they heard the obnoxious person two stories below them who pointed at Adrien. "Adrien Agreste and his girlfriend!" He shouted before pulling out his phone, and the blonde groaned.

A few more people gathered in the area before pulling out cameras and such, which was quite irritating.

Adrien quickly grabbed Marinette's hand, "Come on, my father would kill me if he found out I was eating ice cream on my free time." He spoke before pulling her out of sight, Marinette giggled as he hastily led her down the staircase and back into the ice cream shop.

He carelessly threw the last scoop of his vanilla ice cream into the trash before leaving the building as fast as he could. Stupid paparazzi ruined his date...


"So... About your birthday..." Adrien began to say causing Marinette to tense. "What would you like?" He asked thoughtfully, sitting criss cross on Marinette's bed. Thankfully, her roommate was back at her parents house. "Hmm... I just want to spend time with my friends, family, and you to be honest. I don't really want any gifts."

Adrien rolled his eyes, "Oh please, who doesn't want gifts on their birthday?" He retorted, causing a small smirk to appear on his girlfriend's lips. Marinette leaned into him, his chest tightening a little. "Well, if you really want to know what I want... J’aimerais que tu me baises... Dur. Et ne vous arrêtez pas jusqu’à ce que je vous le demande."

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