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CHAPTER-3- "Yes Baby girl. I am the Beast".

Pauline June's POV

This is ridiculos! I have been going through all the clauses for about an hour now. Everyone of them is stupid. Each one makes me want to hit him on the head hard when I read them. He mentioned everything, every detail that I have to do. There is not one loop hole in it which I have been trying hard to find. I grunted and read the next clause.

Clause No. 152: Kiss him every morning.

What?! All of them are like this! Some clauses are even more stupid!

Clause No. 98: Select the pair of suit and pants he should wear for the work.

Clause No. 85: Tie his tie every day.

Clause No. 91: Should have breakfast, lunch and dinner with him every day.

What are these?! Is this the work of a "V. P. A"? He made sure that I spend every minute, every second of the day with him. I looked at him and found him smirking while looking at a file. I know he can feel my anger and he is enjoying this. Urggh... I can't take this anymore. I stood up angrily and went to him.

"Mr. Witmore!", I called angrily. He kept looking down at his file. I called loud enough for him to hear me.

"Nicolas!", I called with more anger this time. He still ignored me. I want to tear that file off now.

"Nick!", I called and he raised his head to look at me while smiling.

"Yes, Baby girl. You called me?", he asked innocently. My jaw is clenched with anger. I put the Xerox file that he gave me about those stupid clauses in front of him.

"What is this? What are these clauses? They are so... so... I don't even know what to say", I threw my hands up.

"Then don't say anything Baby girl", he said looking at me.

"You! You provoked me to sign it without reading!", I accused him. I want to stomp my foot right now and show a finger at him.

"What? No! Remember correctly. I just said that you are scared to do what is in the contract. I didn't tell you to not read it. How is saying that, provoking you?", he asked giving me his innocent face. But I knew better that there is no innocence present in this Beast in front of me.

"Nick! We both know you said it intentionally", I said in a dangerously low voice. But he seems very unaffected by it. He leaned back in his chair leasurly and looked at me. I glared at him all the time.

"Yes. You are right. I did it intentionally to provoke you. But I didn't tell you to get provoked. I just tried. So what are you going to do now, huh?", he asked smirking. How I want to slap that smirk off his face!

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