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Chapter-4-"I know you better than you know yourself"

Pauline June's POV

Finally, I completed all the clauses. I looked at my wrist watch and it's six in the evening. I argued with him about some clauses, but no use. How can I even argue with the beast?! Whenever I don't like some clauses, I would glare at him, while he would have an amused expression on his face as he still keeps working while looking at his computer screen.

I kept on reading till lunch time. There are total of three hundred clauses. Each one is explained clearly. I read it again and again, trying to find at least a small loop hole, to get out of this. But no! Everything is according to his convenience. I am bored very much now. He wouldn't give me work to do.

"Are you done?", I asked him as I stood up.

"Just two more minutes Baby girl. We will leave", he said without looking at me. I just nodded my head, even though he can't see me.

I yawned and stood up. I stretched my body and raised my hands up and arched my back. I looked back at him and found him looking at me with his predatory eyes. His eyes are freely roaming my body. He turned away and looked at my his laptop. I gulped down and adjusted my shirt. He stood up grabbing his phone. I took my bag and we both were about to walk out together, but he stopped.

"You have grown so much Baby girl", he said as he pushed me against his glass wall. I looked into his eyes.

"Don't call me that", I said as he pinned my hands up above my head.

"Don't call you what?", he asked as he put his leg between my legs to stop me from moving. Our breathes are rugged.

"Baby girl", I answered.

"What if I call you?", he challenged while looking at my lips.

"I don't want you to". His closeness is effecting my body. I can feel myself responding to him.

"Baby girl", he said and was about to kiss me, when his phone started ringing. He cussed under his breathe and I let out a breathe, that I didn't know I was holding. God, get a grip Pauline! He is the villan! You can't fall for him! Don't repeat the same mistake twice! I reminded myself. He pulled away from me and answered his call.

He tugged my hand and pulled me out along with him. He is still talking on his phone. We both went inside the lift and I heard him giving orders. Soon we reached down and he cut the call. He still held my hand in his in a tight grip, that even if he let for a second I would run away from him. Well, I will. He opened the car door for me and I sat in along with him.

"My house", he said to the driver. I turned to him.

"Nicolas I want to go home once. I need to take some things from there", I said.

"No need for it. Every single thing of yours is brought to my suite. You don't need to worry", he brushed it off.

"Seriously? Every single thing?".

He just shrugged. He still held my hand.

"Why are you doing this?", I asked as I huffed. He looked at me in my eyes. There was a minute of silence before he spoke again.

"I don't want you to run away from me again", he said and I glared at him.

"I am not exactly staying here anyways. After this five years contract is over, I will get out of the company", I said angrily and folded my hands near my chest as I removed my hands from his hold.

"Yeah. As if it's ever gonna happen", he said and I looked back at him.

"Why wouldn't it happen?", I asked and he chuckled.

"Baby girl, think once. You will be living with me every second for five years in my office, in my house, in my room. You not leave me. I know it. Because I am too handsome and hot", he said arrogantly. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Oh and for that, it will take two years for you?", I mocked at him. He glared at me.

"No. One year is enough for me", he said gritting his teeth.

"One year?! A whole year?!", I said like I am surprised, while putting my hands on my face with wide eyes. "I thought a man like you will only take a four to five months to make a girl fall for you".

"Oh I can make you fall for me in only one month. Wait a minute! You already fell for me Baby girl. So, I don't need to try anymore. I just need you to realize it", he said smirking.

"Yeah, making a girl fall for you is really easy. Cause that's what you do all the time. Play with their hearts and crush them at last. Some old story", I mumbled under my breathe. He looked at me like he heard what I said.

"What was that?".

"Nothing. Then if only one month is enough, why don't you reduce the contract to one month, instead of five years?". I turn my head to look at him an found him looking at me amusedly.

"You can't provoke me Baby girl. I am smarter than you. I can understand your plans. I know you better than you know yourself. Don't forget that", he said the last part in my ear. I grit my teeth. His words brought back some memories.

God, I feel hungry! I got up from my bed and went out. I came down the wooden stairs and went to the kitchen. I opened it and tried to find for the black current ice cream. Urrgh... Where is it? I tried to find it, but I can't. Getting annoyed, I closed the door and turned around. I saw a figure in the dark and was about to shout, but he covered my mouth.

"Baby girl, it's me", he said and quietly switched on the light in the kitchen. He removed his hand from my mouth and I let out my breathe. I hit my on his chest and he grinned. I took a spoon, since it is the only thing the I can reach to and was about to hit him. He ran upstairs to my room and I went up along with him to hit him.

I went in and he is not there. Where is he? He ran into this room right? In the middle of my bed there is a black current ice cream tub with a note under it. I took it and read it. Just then I felt hands on my waist from back and his head on my shoulder.

"For you, my Baby girl", he said in my ear as I read those lines along with him. I smiled happily and turned around in his arms.

"Thank you Bad boy", I said and he kissed me lightly on my lips. I grinned at him.

"You are welcome. Now come on. Eat", he said and we both sat on my bed to eat it. He pulled me into his lap and I fed him some ice cream while I ate some. I ate the last spoon and angled my head to him.

"How did you come inside?".

"Don't you know the answer Baby girl", he said and my bulb dinged. Of course, the window.

"How do you know I want this ice cream now?".

"I know because, today is Saturday and it's midnight eleven O' clock. You eat black current ice cream at this time every Saturday right?", he said and I nodded.

"How do you know?"

"Baby girl, you don't need to ask the person you love to know about them". I blushed.

"Thank you again".

"Baby girl, remember one thing. I know you better than you know about yourself. Don't forget that. Okay?", he said and I nodded.


"Now thank me correctly", he said and kissed me on my lips. I kissed him back smiling.

We used to be so happy. But then everything changed.

Why did he have to do it? Why?


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