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Sneak.... Peak....

"Say yes and you can have get what you want", he whispered huskily in my ear. I shuddered at the intensity that his touch had on me. His hands are on my hips as he stood behind me. I bit my lip from making any sound.

"But-", I was abotu to say but he cut me off.

"You know you want this. You don't need to deny it. You can get your revenge and I can get what I want", he whispered again and I closed my eyes as his lips touched the skin on my neck. I clearly can't think about it as he is touching me.

"Yes", I whispered biting my lip again as he sucked on my skin where he kissed.

"Good. Then we have a deal and do you know how to seal a deal?", he asked as he turned me around. I looked into his eyes.

"How?", I asked and that's all it took him.

"Like this", he said before pressing his lips to mine.


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