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Chapter-26-"I will do whatever you say"

Nicolas Witmore's POV

"I will sign it. But I want to go through all the file before I sign the contract with you", I said to Rick, the C. E. O of the Hardwood companies in pairs.

"It's fine. Take your time", he said standing up along with me.

"I will take leave then. I have things to do", I said giving him a nod.

"It's a pleasure doing business with you", he said giving his hand.

"Thank you", I said shaking his hand and came out of his office.

I went into the lift and it was moving down, when my phone rang. I took it out from my pocket and saw the ID. It's Ryan.

"Hey man!", I said into the phone as I put it near my ear once I lift the call. The lift doors opened and I walked out.

"Hey dude! Where are you?", he asked.

"In Paris".

"Oh okay. When will you be coming home?".

"I don't know. The deal is already over here. I thought it will take at least two days. So, I will be coming home by tonight maybe", I explained.

"No!", he said suddenly. I frowned while sitting in the back seat of my car as the driver opened the door for me.

"Why? What happened?".

"It's.... I.... I am also coming there today, so stay there till today night", he said stuttering. Ryan stuttered? This is new.

"Tell me what's wrong", I demanded knowingly. I heard him sigh.

"Did you and Pauline have a fight last night?", he asked. I sat straight in the seat. How did he know?

"I don't call it a complete fight? But anyways, how do you know?", I asked him in shock.

"I will tell you later. But first tell me, why did you run to Paris today morning without solving it?", he asked. I sighed.

"I didn't run to Paris. They called me last night and told me that I need to be here by tomorrow. I denied them, telling them I can't, but still, they wanted me to come here and listen to their proposal. That's why I came here. I will go home by tonight so no problem. Why are you asking me all this anyway is Pauline safe?", I asked getting worried. I wrote her a letter about it.

"Okay, I am telling you this, but don't tell her, that I told you this", he said and I frowned getting confused on what he just said.

"Telling me what?", I asked curiously as it involved Pauline.

"She is coming to meet you in Paris".

"What?!", I asked in both shock and happiness.

"Yes and she asked me for help. She needs to get to you as soon as she can and since she don't know anything about Paris, she wants me to take her to where you stay", he explained.

I sat there in shock. She wants to surprise me? That's great?!

"I am bringing her to Paris, so you stay there", he ordered and cut the call.

She is coming to Paris?! That's great! In fact that's awesome! We both will have so much time together!

After the little fight last night, I got angry gor some unknown reason and I need to have some alone time. I got out and roamed the city in my car to let the anger out. But soon my anger faded and I came to think about what happened. I can't blame her. In fact, I have no right to blame her. I am at fault more than her. I should thank her for trusting me again.

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