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Chapter-30-"You got me a wrong size bikini mister"

Pauline June's POV

I stood there with my mouth wide open as I took the view in front of me. It's the same house. It's the very same house where we both spent the very memorable night of our both lives.

"Let's go", I heard him say as he took me hand and slowly led me to the house. It's already eight in the night and there are small lights aroudn the house. There are a lot of trees than before. The plants that were before now grew into big trees.

"This place changed so much". I kept looking around as I said that to him. He opened the front door.

"Not from inside". I smiled at him comment and we walked in holding hands. Once we are inside, I took a turn to see it. He is right. Nothing changed inside. He turned me around and we both looked into each other eyes.

It is so silent around us. He slowly leaned in and I met his lips, letting him kiss me. Our lips moved in a rythm and my hands instantly went around his neck as his were around my waist, holding me close. Soon, the kiss became heated and we started kissing hungrily. His tongue roamed all over my mouth. Then he slowly pulled away. I looked at him in confusion.

"If we start, we will not stop". He held my face. I frowned.

"Who told you to stop?". I tried to kiss him again, but he stopped me again.

"No. We can do this all night. But right now, come with me", he said taking my hand and leading me upstairs.

I walked along with him and he stopped near a room, just like he did back once.

"Go inside and get ready. We are having a date in an hour. I will come to get you at nine", he said and kissed my lips lightly.

"Okay". I smiled at him and went inside. I closed the door while looking at him with a smile and he left. God, why do I feel so intense around him?! I let a breathe that I didn't know I was holding and walked to the bed. There is a bow wrapped with a dark violet gift paper with a white bow on it. I smiled again. He did it the same way he did then again.

I went to it and opened it. I opened the lid of the box and there is a two piece of clothing. My mouth dropped open as I looked at them. It's a bark blue bikini. Last time he gave me a blue dress, now it is a bikini. That too strapless! I shook my head and blushed thinking about him seeing me in this. There is a note inside the box and I know too well what will be in it.

For my beautiful Baby girl. Don't make me wait for long. Come down to the pool once you are ready.

-With love, your Beast.

The same letter. He is doing it all the same way. He is so sweet. I grinned as I saw that he replaced the word Bad Boy with Devil. Placing them on bed, I went into the bathroom to bath. I made sure to clean myself neatly with my favorite shampoo and soap. While bathing, I started to think about us.

Things are moving so fast between us. It's has not even been a month since I saw him in the club after ten years. Then suddenly I became his very personal assistant. Then a fake girlfriend, then a real girlfriend. It's has not even been a week since I was angry at him and now, we both can't stay away from each other.

Everything is moving so fast and I need some time. I can't handle this. I need some time to think. I need some time to process everything. May be I should talk to Nick about all this. Yes. He will understand me. We can take things slowly. At least a little bit.

I sighed as I thought about us and finished bathing. I wrapped a towel around me and came out. I dried myself and I looked at the clock in the room to see that only fifteen minutes are left for nine O' clock. I quickly dried my hair and went to the bed to put on the bikini. It's a little tight for my chest, but I managed.

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