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Chapter-31-"Nick, will you please go out on a date with me?"

Pauline June's POV

"Nick, please home soon. I am waiting for you", I said and sent him the voice mail. I put the phone down and got up. It's already six, he may come home by seven. I should get ready.

It's been a week since Nick proposed to me and I just stared open mouth at him in shock. I didn't say no to him or even yes. I recalled that night.

I stared at him in shock. My mouth is hanging open and my eyes widened. My gaze fell on the diamond ring and then back at him. He is looking at me for an answer.

"I know it's a shock for you that I am proposing, but please say something", he pleaded. I stared at him and pushed my hair behind my ear feeling nervous.

What should I say? No? Yes? If I say no, will it hurt him? Of course it will. If I say yes, am I ready? Didn't feel like things are going too fast between us? God, he feel so hurt if I told him the answer. What to do? But I don't want to say no to him. I would love to spend my whole life with him.

"Baby girl". His voice brought me out of my trance. I stared at him and pressed my lips together. What to do?

"Nick.... I....", I trailed off.

"It's okay. Tell me", he encouraged. I wet my lips.

"I.... I think.... I think things are moving so fast between us Nick", I told him finally.

"What?", he asked me with a frown.

"I just.... That's what I want to talk to you with. I just feel like everything is rushed. I.... I am not sure if I am ready", I told him looking down, not able to meet his eyes. He held my chin gently and made me look at him.

"Don't you trust me?", he asked looking into my eyes. My eyes widen understanding what he is thinking.

"No! No! I trust you. I really do! It's just....", I tralied off again.

"Then what is the problem?", he asked looking at me with concern.

"Me. The problem here is me. I am not comfortable with.... with how things are going. We met, I became your employee and then we are back again. We had sex last night-", he cut me off.

"It's not called sex. It's called making love", he said seriously. I nodded my head.

"Sorry. But yes, we made love and then here we are. Everything happened in just two weeks. Do you really want to spend all your life with me?", I asked him while putting a hand on his cheek.

"Of course! Without any doubt. How do you think I can even function without you. I am a.... what you call me? Beast without you", he said looking at me with truth in his eyes. I smiled at him for a second.

There was a minute of silence betwen us.

"Don't you want to? Is that it?", he asked in a low voice. I looked back at him.

"No! I want to. I can't even think about spending my life without you", I told him truthfully.

"Then what is it?", he asked desperately.

"I want some time. I want some time to think ot myself about things", I told him. He looked down for a few minutes to think.

"So, is it a no?", he asked with pain evident in his voice. I shook my head frantically.

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