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Chapter-11-"When I am there, you don't need to take care of yourself"

Pauline June's POV

We are still on the way to Nick's house. But all I can think about is what the bet is about. How am I involved in it? Is it all even true? Should I believe Nick? But whatever he said, I can see it in his eyes that it is all true! I should find out about it soon.

"We are here", I heard Nick say as he got out of the car and opened my door. I thanked him. I was about to come out when he offered me his hand to take. I looked at it, then back at him. Should I take it? Even before I can respond, he took my hand and gently pulled me out.

We started walking towards the entrance of his house. This is the first time I am coming to his house. I have once met their parents on the day of his sister, Amelia's wedding. They are such a cute couple. Even in their fifties, they love each other so much. I just didn't meet them then as his girlfriend. The house is so beautiful. It is a villa. We got to the backside of the house.

There is a beautiful green lawn and big trees are acting like boundaries around the walls. Big royal like sofa's are arranged and everyone is present. I am feeling nervous. Nick saw it and pulled me closer, holding me by my waist. I know everyone of his brothers, since we all studied in same school. Does that mean his brothers knew too?

I am sure Tyler and Xander definitely know. Because they are always there when Nick used to take me to lunch with him and they are just one year younger than him. I saw that Amelia and Mr. Knight, I mean Zack are sitting very closely and her brothers are sitting beside her. They are having so much fun. I feel like I am an outsider putting my nose in their family matters.

"Pauline!", I heard Amelia say and looked at her. She got out of Zack's hold and came to come smiling widely. I smiled back at her. I can't stop it. Her smile is so contagious. She is a pure and innocent girl I have ever met. She came and hugged me tightly.

"Hey", I greeted hugging her back.

"I am so happy that you are here! I tried calling you a lot of times this morning, but I heard that no phone is workign with this number. Did you change your number?", she asked with a frown on her face. I glared at Nick and he smiled sheepishly at me. I shook my head at him and turned back to his sister.

"Yeah. My phone broke today morning due to some.... some....", I trailed off.

"Don't try to curse Baby. You can't", Nick teased. I clenched my jaw. I really need to fix this cursing problem.

"Nick!", I hissed.

"Okay. Calm down. Now come a sit with us. I have a very big news to tell you all!", she said excitedly while pulling me with her. I sat beside her as she sat on Zack's lap. Nick is sitting beside me. Tyler and Xander smiled at me, but I just ignored them.

"So what is it Princess?", her father, Vincent asked while putting a hand around his wife.

"Okay here it is", she said and took a deep breathe.

Zack kissed her cheek and she looked down at him. They both smiled at each other with love and Zack nodded his head for her to tell.

"I am pregnant", she said smiling and waiting for our reaction. My mouth dropped open. So is almost others. But not her parents's. His father is loking coolly and her mother is grinning as she stood up.

"What?!", Nick, Xander and Ashton shouted in surprise.

"Yes!", she grinned and her mom hugged her squealing happily. I stood up and hugged her too.

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