Chapter Five - The Drive

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We drove all night and the following day as well, only stopping for food, gas, and coffee. While I slept haphazardly through the trip, Cole kept driving without even mentioning getting a hotel or stopping to sleep in the car. In the times that I was awake, I would ask him questions about Supernatural Abilities.

"The leader is a woman named Patricia Galen, but you should only call her by her last name. There's five types of abilities: Mind, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, but you can be roomed with anyone regardless of their ability. We have five different levels based on advancement, power, and ability to handle themselves in the real world. Five being the strongest and about to 'graduate' per se, while one is the start and where most of the newbies begin. To determine your level, you'll be tested--"


"A fight with people of all abilities. They base how hard they go and difficult they are based on how you continue to perform. Don't worry, there's no right or wrong way to do it. Just try your best and you'll be fine."

Later that night, I was awake with Cole while he drove on the highway. We were the only car there considering how it was so late. I looked at Cole who looked absolutely exhausted. Dark bags hung under his eyes and his eyelids were half closed. His coffee was gone but apparently we're close so he won't get another.

"Do you want to stop for the night?" I asked, a bit worried about his state.

"No, we have to get there."

"You're about to fall asleep--"

"I'm fine."

I shut my mouth and relaxed in my seat again. After a few minutes of looking outside at the dark night, I felt myself dozing off. I was almost asleep when a horn went off and I jolted up.

In the split second, I noticed oncoming headlights straight in front of us and Cole dozing off. Their horn was blazing so in a brief moment of strength and adrenaline, I forced the car to the side causing our car to skid into our correct lane as a semi-truck flew past us.

During this, our bodies slammed into the sides of the car and Cole woke up, immediately realizing his mistake and righted the car, coming to an abrupt stop on the side of the highway. The only sounds in the eerie night was my heartbeat pounding in my ears and our mangled gasps of air as we had narrowly avoided death.

"Well..." Cole started. "I think we should get a hotel for the night."

Unable to talk, I just nodded in agreement and he slowly began driving towards the nearest exit. We drove in silence through a tiny town until we parked in front of a quaint motel with a gas station across the street.

"You stay here," Cole said while getting out of the car. "I'll book us a room."

I watched as he headed off to the inside of the lobby, leaving me in silence and darkness.

I was exhausted--Completely ready to pass out right then and there. I'm sure it had to do with the mass amounts of power I had to expel in order to save both of our lives, especially since I've been sleeping all day. In comparison, I felt as if I had ran a marathon.

Cole finally came back a few minutes later with a sheepish look on his face. "Bad news," he said. "I didn't expect a night stay before leaving, so I only had enough money for a single."

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