Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Jealousy

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"Project!" Sophia was telling me. "You need to release your power for things to actually happen!"

            The next day brought on more training. Sophia was back to illusion manipulation, changing your outwards appearance to match someone else's. The extra trainer was back due to the fact that Sophia is unable to do this and was sitting back watching while my own instructor laid down the law.

            "Haven't you thought that maybe, just maybe, I'm not able to do everything a Mind is capable of?" I asked, plopping down on the ground in defeat. "This is hard stuff, Sophia. I'm just able to touch on getting into someone's mind, but changing my look? This is even worse than that."

            "Stop complaining," she snapped. "You're just wasting everyone's time by not being able to do this."

            Groaning, I ignored her and put my forehead on my knees, wanting nothing more than to be in my bed, watching some of the free television sitcoms we got, and eating something fattening. When I looked back up, I found myself looking directly into the eyes of Cole.

            Confused, I sat up a little straighter. "Aren't you supposed to be training--"

            "Come on, Taylor," He spoke, a little smirk resting on his lips. "Let's practice--"

            I rolled my eyes at him, pushing him away knowing right off the bat that this was the trainer trying to trick me. Besides, the real Cole has only ever called me by my first name once and I'm pretty sure he's not ready to drop all the nicknames.

            "You'll have to try harder than that," I told them while the trainer transformed back to their real being. From behind me, Sophia groaned.

            "Isn't Cole motivation to you?" She asked. "Your little puppy love for each other should be enough to get you to focus and want to do the task--"

            "It's not puppy love," I butted in, feeling a wave of flush creep onto my cheeks. Observing the others training, I saw Cole throwing some fire punches against a bag that his own instructor held. I'm not one to lie, so I can honestly say he looked really good. He took a break and wiped his forehead off before peeking over at me, realizing that I had been watching. He winked and went back to training.

            "You guys are ridiculous," Sophia muttered under her breath, looking down at the floor. "Let's get back to practicing before I abandon all hope on this too."

            For a trainer, Sophia was pretty much awful. How did she expect me to be able to do all these things when I barely had a grasp on the underlying beginning concepts? Being a Mind Supernatural is hard, as everything is mental and there are so many different things that could be taught. The physical abilities--Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and now Electric--seemed easy to build on. As long as you know how to use your power, you're already halfway there as everything stems off of the basics.

            Sophia worked me well into my lunch time. Everyone else had left except for the instructors before she finally let me leave, annoyance clear in her voice. I grabbed my water bottle, feeling the hunger pains in my stomach, and began to rush out before a trainer stopped me.

            "Hey, can you bring this to Mackenzie?" She asked, handing me a sketchbook. "I know she likes to draw during her lunch so I'm sure she's missing it."

            I nodded and took it before rushing out once more. As I began the walk to cafeteria, I looked down at the book in my hands, faintly remembering it from when we picked Mackenzie up. She was drawing when we walked in, and immediately blocked her artwork from us.

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