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AN: As many of you already figured out, I took down the original version of SA and CTC as of yesterday, 4/20. I have had many people getting angry about that series not being continued despite them explaining that this new version will cover the entire series into much more detail. While I know many of you loved those books,  I feel like they misrepresent me as a writer and don't want those to potentially hold me back once I get into the processing of attempting to publish.  Not only that, I don't want them holding back other readers from enjoying the new version, as many people are getting them confused or refusing to even read the new ones because they insist they'll only like the original. Say what you will, but they were honestly very badly written, hahaha. They are currently unpublished, so they could always be put up again but I do not plan to do that anytime soon. I'm sorry to any fans of them, but it was time for them to go.

ALSO, when I was doing this, wattpad decided to unpublish and republish some other stories, including SA. Having to go back and fix everything was a total hassle and gave all of you a ton of notifications, saying that I posted 30 chapters in one day. SO, I'm so sorry about that!! I'll make it up by posting two chapters next week :)

And onto the questions!! 

"Which element would you like to be?" @grizlycody

I've been asked this question before and I've actually answered it in the comments! But I would be a Mind. This is also why Taylor is one because I cannot write a character that I don't relate with. She was actually going to be a Water originally but after a few chapters, I had to change her entire character because I just couldn't do it.

"Are you one if the characters in this book? What power would you choose? Why did you decide to write this book? Who made the characters?" @herokaty

(This question is also answered before: "what inspired you to write this book?" @mysterysoulstealer and "Where did you get the idea for this story?" @riflegirl597)

I wouldn't say that I'm a character in the book, but, as said above, I relate with Taylor quite a lot. I'm the one who made my characters, but many of them are based off of people in my normal everyday life. One of the main things is that Taylor and Cole's relationship (Caylor!!) is TOTALLY based off of my own relationship with my boyfriend. So all you guys begging them to be together was basically our friends a few years ago, haha. 

I decided to write this book because I've always been infatuated with elemental powers and really wanted to make a book that explored that. As many of you know, I began writing this series when I was thirteen and my original vision only included one book with the 'school' aspect in mind. However, now you can see that I had definitely expanded that concept to include Catchers, the Big Six, Katherine, and more training than actually schooling, especially in this version. This whole series started off as some little idea but I was able to create a whole world within a few months. This is the main reason why I wanted to rewrite the series. I didn't have enough planning the first time, or writing experience, so everything was really choppy! I'm liking this version a whole lot more :)

"How different is this revised version compared to the original?" @honeyH4

Let's just put it this way.... By this chapter in the original book, Cole and Taylor had already done the dirty. 0-100 REAL QUICK.

This book is much more detailed. The other one is just bam bam bam, plot hole here and plot hole there, something that makes no sense everywhere. I didn't give myself a chance to build up the characters and Taylor and Cole basically got together within a week of knowing each other and an hour after Cole broke up with Vanessa. I just wrote to produce a response out of people, which is not the way to go. Besides main plot points, everything else is written much better and just makes sense in the new version. I was thirteen at the time, THIRTEEN. I know many of you guys are that age, but being nearly twenty now, I have undergo so much writing and personal growth since then. The original is much more of a romance than a fantasy/adventure, but I have no idea how people were able to believe that considering that I was young, never kissed a single person, or even dated anyone, hahahaha. Overall, I just think this version of the series is better and there's even more growth to come :)

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