Chapter Twenty-Four - The Apology

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I was in that everlasting darkness again, the limbo state that seemed to be between life and death itself. I was a single soul, nothing more, and I was uncomfortable and scared despite being here before.

            In the silence, nothing could be heard until the voice, the now familiar speech of Katherine, the leader of the Catchers, sounded in my ear.

            "I'm closer than you think."

            Waking up in a fit of sweat and adrenaline, I realized that I was in my dorm room, as safe as I could be at this point. Being quiet so I wouldn't wake up my roommate, I slowly crept out of bed and was already dreading what was to come during training that day. Having had a few days off both from working out and Sophia was kind of like my own personal heaven, despite being hunted down by Catchers, running into an old friend of mine, and picking up the last person needed for the Big Six on our trip.

            Following the placement exam yesterday, we walked around with Mackenzie, showing her places that we have found that were secluded and away from the swarms of other Supernaturals. I had grown attached to the girl. I've never had any siblings and having a younger girl look up to me in admiration and support was nice.

            We started practice earlier than other Supernaturals, so once I was ready, looking as worn down as ever, and quietly exiting before Claire was even awake, I was surprised to see Cole standing outside my door.

            "Ready for training?" He asked. It was already warm out today so he was wearing a work out tank, which showed the outskirts of his Marking. Having been the only one who has actually revealed theirs to everyone, it was nice having someone else take the plunge and show theirs off at least a little bit. After all, they were interesting to view. It was like getting something more permanent and natural than a tattoo.

            "Yeah," I said, answering his question. "Why didn't you just meet me there?"

            Cole shrugged as he stuck his hands into his shorts' pockets. "I wanted some extra time with you. Is that so bad?"

            I hid a little smile from him and shook my head. "Not at all."

            He looked at me for a little bit, eyes traveling up and down. "You okay? You don't look too good."

            I didn't want anyone to know that Katherine was basically bullying me in my dreams, so I kept it quiet just like my other vision. "You know, that's not the way to compliment a lady."

He grinned and threw his arm over my shoulders as we walked. "You should know by now that you're going to be teased more than complimented."

When we made it to our training room, I was surprised to see that Mackenzie was already there, having made it here all by herself. She looked out of place but was speaking to a new trainer, one that would most likely be helping her all that they could considering how she was the only Electric Supernatural.

            I found Sophia leaning against a wall in the corner, her eyes on me. I slowly made my way over to her and once I was within a good enough range, she pointed to the ground and said, "Pushups. Now."

            Sighing, I got down and started doing my normal pre-training set. It's been awhile since I starting doing these and it has become much easier as time went on. I felt my body growing stronger and my stamina increasing. I no longer felt like the weakest link by a long shot now.

            When I was done with my warm up, Sophia nodded me over to where she was.

            "Now," she started. "Because you managed mind manipulation, it's time to move onto something else." I thought back to invade her mind and still felt bad about it. While I didn't feel as if I could do that on command, it's also something that I hoped I wouldn't ever have to. "How do you feel about telepathy?"

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