Chapter Fifteen - The Announcement

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"Well, well, well," Alex's voice boomed in my room, making me wake up with a start. A groan sounded in my ear and a hand on my waist tightened as I found myself looking at Cole's face who was still trying to sleep.

"Just five more minutes," Cole mumbled and subconsciously pulled me closer.

Somehow in the few hours we got to sleep, Cole and I ended up cuddling on my small bed in my room and I found myself looking at Claire and Alex who stood in the doorway with knowing gazes.

"Quite a position we've found you two in, huh?" Alex asked, humor lining his words.

It must have looked bad: Cole's arms around me. His shirt still off from when we examined our Markings. Both of our hair completely messed up from the nap.

"Cole," I hissed quietly while shaking him awake. "Get the hell up!"

My friend opened his eyes, realized he was holding me, and jumped up, successfully falling off the bed. Claire nearly died laughing at him and Cole got up with a grumpy expression on his face.

"If you saw us in cahoots, why did you bother us? He muttered and my eyes widened.

"We were just sleeping, I swear!" I exclaimed and the couple in front of us gave me a disbelieving look.

"Our love is not something to be ashamed of, Blondie!" Cole cried out with sarcasm lining his words and his hand falling over his heart. "You're so cruel!"

"You're such a liar--

"Anyways," Alex interrupted. "We came to get you guys for the assembly. You know, the one we have to be at." He gave us a stern look and peeked over at Claire, giving us the impression that he didn't tell her what had happened yet just as we were supposed to do.

"Okay, just let me get dressed real quickly," I said, getting up with a stretch and grabbing an outfit off the floor that had been left there from the night before.

I watched as Cole also got up, exposing his back to us and Claire gasped just as she did with seeing my Marking. She looked away with a hurt look, knowing that we were all hiding something from her. There was no doubt in my mind that she's probably read all of our thoughts to know what was going on but didn't say anything to preserve some privacy. When her eyes caught mine, I knew I was right and I gave her a small frown in return as a silent apology.

I quietly went into the bathroom and changed quickly to come outside and find that Cole had finally put on a shirt. Once we were all ready, the three of us headed to the auditorium while everyone around us buzzed about what this mysterious conference could be about.

"I bet it's a special guest," one girl told another who shook her head.

"I think there's going to be a tournament or something fun like that announced!"

Oh, how wrong they were.

I tucked my head low, pulling my collar up to further cover my shoulders from any wandering eyes that might accidentally see my Marking. I've already been the center of attention, but now I'll be looked upon for everything. All these people's lives are at stake and the six of us are the only ones who can keep them alive. I began to breathe quickly, shaking from the fear and unwanted pressure put on me. Cole noticed and looked down at me from his superior height before placing his hand on my upper back, steering me out of the main crowd and off to the side.

"You okay?" He asked, leaning me against a tree.

I shook my head. "All of these people are going to be looking towards us, Cole. Their lives are all in our hands. What we do from now on will not only affect ourselves, but every Supernatural as well."

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