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Above is the cover to book two: Catching the Catchers! (Prologue now posted on my profile!)


Dear Taylor,

I've written this letter every week since the day you received your Marking. While they all stay based around the same principles, each one must be revised to correlate with your ever-growing strength and power that you are achieving through your training. However, if you are reading this, then something terrible must have happened that has prevented me from being at Supernatural Abilities. That is why you have found this among the rest of the files.

While it is a travesty, please know that even if I am gone you are not at a disadvantage. Hopefully everyone in the Big Six is safe because without even a single one of you, we have already lost this great war. The importance of your safety reaches greater heights than anyone else's lives here. Without you, we will not survive ourselves.

In the weeks and months that you have been at SA, I've seen you grow much faster than any other Supernatural here. I know Sophia can be a rough instructor, but she has high expectations for you as she knows what Katherine is capable of. She has lived a hard life and is more similar to you than you know. Eventually, she will open up if she is still around following whatever event eliminated me from this situation.

You must continue training, even harder than ever before. Katherine is ruthless and unforgiving, but you're currently our closest link to her. You and Mackenzie are the ones with the upper hand in this battle and with time, you will discover why that is. With time, you will grow. And, with time, you will succeed.

This takes me to distractions. You're a young girl who had a bright future ahead of her and I'm sorry to have dragged you away from that. Leaving your entire life is hard, but you have to put that all behind in order to be successful. Your past should not affect you until you win. If Katherine is defeated, your life can go back to normal but until then, you need that separation.

The same goes with romantic relationships. I've watched you and Cole blossom since day one, forming a strong bond with each other rather quickly. However, distractions can cost you your life. In the battle, you must focus on your teammates and yourself, not solely on each other. The Big Six is a group effort and while you two make a great pair, any feelings will only hurt you eventually in battle. Katherine has a way of picking up on relationships like that, which is why she chose to hurt Sophia in the worst way she knew how.

You're too hard on yourself with your training, your past, and everything else. Even if you do not think so, Katherine and everyone else knows and believes that you're the strongest Mind out there. If she didn't, you wouldn't have been picked you and she wouldn't have to try to intimidate you by getting into your thoughts. While she plays tough, she is just as afraid of you as you are of her. She plays, but will not engage until she knows for sure that she has the advantage. You mustn't let her gain that and have her come to you.

You're very strong, Taylor, and I have stood by my judgment since the first moment you got here. Your placement exam was exquisite and I knew, right off the bat, that you were our Mind for the Big Six. You were a missing piece in the puzzle that I was trying to formulate prior to the Marking officially selecting you. I've held so much respect for you and your strength and hopefully you will eventually see yourself in the same way.

Supernatural Abilities, the Big Six, and everything else rely on you and the other five. You must train harder than before, be more confident, and focus or you will fail. I have the highest of admiration for you and I know that you will fill your shoes once you start believing in yourself. Even if you have nothing, know that you are so greatly admired.

Learn, fight, and win, my dear. I'll be rooting for you from wherever I am.


Patricia Galen

Folding the letter back up, I returned it to its envelope and put it away so no one in this car would see it. They all received their own, but I wanted mine to remain just for me. Galen's words coursed through me, a wave of passion and anger hitting me like a rock. A few months ago I had been brought into Supernatural Abilities, starting a completely new and unexpected chapter in my life, but today marks the beginning of another.

I will train harder than ever before and take everything from Katherine just as she did to me. I was Marked into the Big Six as the Mind Supernatural for a reason and regardless of how many times she's degraded and weakened me, it was time for our enemy to see me as more than just some pawn.

I was ready to prove Katherine wrong and win this war.


And yes! Book one: Supernatural Abilities is completed! Book two, Catching the Catchers is also up with the prologue, so be sure to check it out and add it to your libraries so you can continue following Taylor's story :)

Question of the chapter... opinions on CTC's cover? Galen's letter? The book as a whole?

Thank you so much for your amazing support this book. I would LOVE if everyone could vote/comment, especially if you're a silent reader, so we can get this book even higher on the charts! I've worked very hard on this story and I'm so happy you all seem to like it :)

See you over at book two!

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