Chapter Ten - The Match

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As I had predicted the day before, the next morning I was incredibly sore and Claire basically had to drag me out of bed.

"Here, you crybaby," she said while pressing her palms onto my shoulders and closing her eyes. Within a few seconds, my pain started to subside to a dull ache.

"You can heal?"

She shrugged. "Not as much as the actual Healers can do, but enough to help."

Yesterday was fun at the so-called 'lake.' We stayed there for a few hours just swimming and playing around until our basic needs came to our attention and we headed out to get food and sleep.

After we got ready for the day, the two of us headed a different route today than before but the building we walked into was nearly identical to the one yesterday. Instead of numbers lining the door, there were symbols. One was a flame, another was a water droplet. Next was a leaf then some swirls. The last was an eye.

"Today is ability based lessons where new skills are taught or refined depending on who you are and what you know," Claire told me as we headed towards the door with an eye on it. "Our symbol is kind of lame, but what else is a tell for a Mind? Don't even say brain because that's just tacky."

This classroom was more open and larger than the one yesterday. It looked more like a small gym than a place for learning. However, there were some tables and chairs so Claire and I took two open ones next to each other. Other people were pouring in and we were a huge cloud of purple from our clothes. It was weird being around so many people with the same eye color and abilities as my own and even weirder knowing that most of them were watching my every move.

Luckily, it didn't take long for some people to walk in. One I recognized as Galen and the other... I froze in my place.

I whispered to Claire, "That's the girl from the... uh--"

She gave me a sympathetic look, "That's Sophia. She's the Mind from the placement test."

I watched as she scanned the crowd until her eyes fell on me. Immediately, a frown rested on her face as she turned away. Next to me, Claire snickered under her breath.

"She must not feel too great about you getting out of her power. No one has been able to do that since she began doing those tests. She's the hardest one because she takes you to a different place and most of the time, people don't realize it and would live there forever."

"I noticed a flaw," I muttered and sunk down in my seat.

"Really? What?"

"A watch."

Claire looked like she was going to ask another question but Sophia interrupted her. "Head Leader Galen here is going to sit in and watch today," She announced to everyone here. "It's a normal day, so we'll get right back into telekinesis."

I watched as everyone began to spread out and focus their minds on items. Some people narrowed in on pencils that would only move a few inches or so. Others went towards balls or chairs to move. Claire brought me to the side where some weights were and gave me a sheepish look.

"I'm not the best at this, so bear with me," she said as she tried to lift some of them. One ten-pounding rose a few feet before crashing to the ground and she huffed out in frustration. "Judging from your test, you can do this pretty well. Why don't you try?"

Doing as told, it didn't take much for me to lift up the rack of weights quite a few feet up before bringing them back down gently with a deep release of air. Claire looked at me dumbfounded and stomped her foot.

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