Chapter Eighteen - The Memory

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"You made quite the scene yesterday," Sophia commented the next day while she watched me do my pre-training workouts. "Nose to the floor, Buckley."

I stifled back a groan while I pushed my body even further down before going back up. "Yeah, I tend to do that a lot," I got out in several breaths. Having just gone on a couple mile run, these pushups were even harder than they would be on normal circumstances.

"Ever thought about not making any shows? That seems to be all you're good at."

I gritted my teeth from her jabs at my incapability of learning anything new. I pressed my body down for another push up but my arms gave out, making me fall to the ground. From above me, I heard Sophia scoff.

"Five minute break and we're starting up training," she said and twists on her heel to go grab some equipment to use for the next several hours of torture.

Following the arena training fights, Cole, Alex, Claire, and I just stuck it out in my dorm, not wanting to hear any nonsense or complaints from any of the other Supernaturals. Coming in today, I heard Sophia and William's trainer talking about how people have been demanding more answers and say in the matter. Looks like they are now taking what happened more seriously.

After the blissful five minute break was up, Sophia immediately ordered me to lift some of the items she had pulled out. She would stand behind me, judging my stance, shifting my position around when she determined I was doing it wrong. We would continuously go up in weight, even having to move outside, until I reached the most I could carry: a small bus.

"You're going to have to lift more than that," She said when I dropped it.

I put my hands on my knees and hunched over, trying to regain my breath. Sophia stood over me, arms crossed, and the usual angry expression on her face.

"I'm trying, okay? I'm not going to become the hulk in only a couple weeks."

Sophia rolled her eyes. "Don't know how you even got into the Big Six," she mumbled just loud enough so I could hear. "Obviously Katherine made a mistake."

I felt my anger growing, which in turn impacted my persistence and stubbornness. "Let's do something else."

She raised an eyebrow at me and motioned to get up, then to follow her. We went back into the building where the rest of them were all doing their own training, happily and merry. Unlike me, they all had good, nice, supportive trainers while I was stuck with the spawn of Satan.

"We'll do one-on-one fights," she said while leaning down to tie her shoe laces tighter. "Give it your all--"

I immediately shot out a wave of power at her chest, making her slide back. Surprise was written all over her face while she righted herself. I was going to get something else with my telekinesis, but an unseen force twisted my arm back, making me cry out from the brief moment of pain. It made me fall to the ground and once she dropped her own telekinetic power on me, I rubbed at my shoulder to ease the tension she built up.

Sophia stalked over to me, confidence in her walk, and looked down.

"Next time, try to have a stronger opening." I was about to respond, but she waved me off, walking out of the gym without another look towards me. "Go to lunch and come back ready for a real fight."

I groaned, but got up and practically stomped my way to the cafeteria. Because Sophia let me out early, I was one of the first people there and got my lunch pretty quickly before picking the table we usually sat at. With my head propped up by my hand and the other scooping cooked vegetables into my mouth, I watched as more and more people made their way into the building and went to get their own food.

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