Chapter Thirty-One - The Exams

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Thank you to @Mage0412 for the name Trevor Kent that was used in this chapter!


The campus was crazy today with people running around every which way while I, and the others in the Big Six, hung back in relaxation. Why? Because it was the day of the final exams and we didn't have to train.

"I wonder if we can crash a party," Cole wondered out loud. "Usually every level has one following the exams but since we're kind of secluded from everyone now, where would we go?"

"We should have ourselves one!" Alex announced while the five of us looked at him. "Come on, it would be fun!"

"Definitely," Cole added sarcastically. "A party is always fun with a twelve year old and a guy who can't stop bugging me about a girl who mocks my every move."

"Hey!" Alex, Mackenzie, and I exclaimed, all obviously taking offense to his jab.

Cole flashed us a big smile and slapped his hand on William's shoulder. "Don't worry, the rest of us will have fun."

I rolled my eyes at them and relaxed in my spot on the bleachers. We had to be here much earlier than everyone else for these final exams that would go on for an hour or so before the lower levels had theirs. So here we were relaxing with everyone else running around like chickens with their heads chopped off while we discussed our party plans.

"But we could have a lot of fun--"

"Alex, please," Cole interjected. "Of everyone here, we're definitely the misfits. We're like the parents of this place who can't have any fun because of responsibilities."

Leona made a face. "Gross."

"I agree."

Alex didn't and continued bickering with his best friend. "It's also Taylor's birthday tomorrow. She's turning eighteen! She deserves to have a night of fun--"

"We'll celebrate that tomorrow."

"Okay, fine," Alex slumped in his seat. "You all stay in for the night while I have a party of one in my bedroom."

Cole snorted. "Please, we all know what you'll be doing at your party--"

"Enough!" I stopped the two boys, peeking at Mackenzie to make sure she didn't catch on to the sexual joke that was about to be made. William looked like he was about to burst out laughing while Alex blasted his best friend in the face with some water.

The two continued with their dispute while I tuned it out the best I could. After an hour of sitting here, people began piling in as the final exam for the level fives were about to start. There were only two people participating in these, Vanessa being one of them. From what Leona was telling me, these tests were much harder than the placement exam as it is to test you to see if you are capable of supporting yourself beyond SA.

Soon enough, the stands were packed as we all waited for this to start.

"Welcome!" Galen's voice boomed over the loudspeaker. "Today we will be testing the abilities of two individuals and their quest to pursue their life's path of being fully trained Supernaturals. Today we will begin with Vanessa Page and finish with Trevor Kent. They have both exhibited immense power and control during their time here and today will determine if they stay or go forth with their paths."

"This speech seems like something out of a video game," I mumbled to Cole who held back a laugh.

"Or maybe something from the gladiator era," he returned, making me hide a smile.

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