Chapter Nineteen - The News

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I felt bad that entire day and night about what I did to Sophia.

However, I knew I shouldn't have. She deserved it by egging me on and I did just as she wanted me to: I got inside her head. Granted, it wasn't the way she initially wanted me to do it, but I was still able to press deep into her most private memories to get something that definitely hurt her to relive. Right after Sophia left, the other trainers called it a day and all of us got to head off early.

So the next morning I dreaded getting up to go face my instructor again. I pulled on my usual gear, peeking at the Marking that dominated my back, and headed out for the day. It was colder than usual and being in shorts and a t-shirt, I wished I had grabbed a thin jacket to keep me a bit warmer throughout the day.

While I'm usually the late one of the bunch to training, I was surprised to find that even though I was the last of the Big Six to come in, all of the instructors were still nowhere to be found. We did our own things for a bit, stretching and light warmups, but nearly a half hour passed and still not a single one of them had arrived yet.

"What should we do?" Leona asked while in the middle of leaning down to touch her toes.

"Maybe it's a test," William suggested, his accent lining his words. "They're going to ambush us any moment because we'll be caught off guard."

All of us contemplated that for a moment before getting up and got more active just in case. While I doubt they would do that this early in training, it was always a possibility. Once over an hour had passed, one of Galen's associates walked in and handed Alex a note. The four of us gathered around him while he read it out loud.

"'No training today, but meeting at 5:30. You must be in attendance,'" he recited, his eyebrows crinkling together.

"Good going, Brain," Cole bumped my shoulder. "You scared Sophia off and the rest of the instructors as well. Now we're all screwed! But thanks for the day off."

We all headed off, Leona and William both going different ways than Alex, Cole, and I. While we get one day off per week, it's weird to have another, let alone an unexpected one. Letting a free day go to waste would be a shame, but nothing was coming to mind about what we could be doing.

"Lake?" Alex asked and Cole shook his head.

"Too cold out today. Movies in our dorm?"

Alex made a face. "I don't want to be third-wheeling the two of you."

I rolled my eyes at him and listened to the two boys throw ideas back and forth until ultimately deciding that the movie plan would be the best course of action. Alex just hoped that Claire had one of the first arena fights today so she could join us right after.

So that's how I found myself squished against Cole on his bed with Alex on his own while we had a marathon of several films. I hadn't been in the boys' room prior to today, but Cole immediately pointed to his bed when we showed up.

"Two beds, two boys," he had said. "Now, Alex is a nice fellow, you don't strike me as the type to ruin a relationship by sharing a bed it a taken boy, so you can share with me. Besides, we have already crossed the cuddling passage last time--"

He shut up when I threw a pillow at him.

We hung out there for a while and Claire eventually joined us. It was nice being in a relaxing environment with my friends, watching stupid, free movies, and just enjoying each other's company.

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