Chapter Twenty-Three - The Reason

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I just want to say thank you to WynterStars for suggesting the name Jenny Harvard, which was used in this chapter :)


The next morning we sat Mackenzie down and explained everything about the Catchers. We told her just how deadly they were and how that they're the reason why she needed to come with us. She listened to us without comment, understanding along the way and when we were done, we headed out for the rest of our journey.

Cole's words kept me up most of the night. Admitting to being jealous? 'Cutie?' I was no expert in boys, but it sounded like there were some feelings from him as well.

Our car ride was much better than the one from yesterday. Mackenzie hummed along to the music in back while Cole would peek at me from the corner of his eye, a little smile on his lips. I was able to get some sleep in along the way and we got to Supernatural Abilities late into the night.

When we arrived, the guy at the gate was surprised to see us. "I'm sorry! We didn't expect you until tomorrow afternoon. I'll page Galen while you head in," he said.

The campus at night was eerie, especially as we drove through the woods. Mackenzie had gone quiet and I knew that she must be nervous just as I was when we arrived my first time. We finally parked in our original space and got out, Cole gathering most of our bags while I got the rest. The three of us filed into the building and to Galen's office, where the doors were already open with her at the desk. For being late, I knew the gatekeeper must have had to wake her up but she looked put together as always. She rose when she saw us and held out a hand for Mackenzie, introducing herself to her.

"It's so lovely to meet you," Galen said. "Now, it's really late so we will have to chat tomorrow morning. For now, can you two show Mackenzie to her room? She'll be rooming with Jenny Harvard who will be expecting her."

Cole and I nodded and brought her to her dorm, bidding her goodbye and promising to pick her up to meet with Galen in the morning. Jenny was only two years older, but the girls immediately looked happy to be roommates, which made it easier for Cole and I to leave knowing that she would be in good hands.

As Cole and I walked to our rooms, he said, "Well, that was an exciting trip."

I laughed quietly, being mindful of the other Supernaturals sleeping. "Not what we had planned but we made it back. I don't have any complaints."

We stopped at my door and Cole patted my shoulder. "Thanks for being my partner this time, Buckley. Let's do it again sometime," he joked before parting ways.

When I opened the door, Claire was already sitting up with a bright smile on her face as I walked in. "Why are you still up?" I asked and she started jumping up and down.

"You and Cole are so close to actually being something," she exclaimed, joy radiating out of her.

I was about to ask what she was talking about until the realization hit me. "You read my mind, didn't you?"

Her smile betrayed her and she shrugged. "Alex and I took bets on if anything would happen. I said yes while Alex disagreed, saying that Cole would be too much of a wimp to make a move. I just can't believe you two were so close to kissing--"

"You're acting like a lunatic," I sat down next to her while leaning back, finally relaxing for the first time since we left. "That trip was crazy."

"And I'm glad you're back. Just please leave again and come back as Cole's girlfriend."

I smiled at my roommate, more than happy to be back at SA. In the past few weeks of me being here, this place, as crazy as it might be, has become my home. I might be in a really dangerous position right now, but at least I'm surrounded by people who support me. Well, the people who I am friends with, that is.

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