Chapter Six - The Meeting

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We pulled up to the gate with a single kiosk in the corner that held a bored looking teenager who was playing on some handheld device. Cole cleared his throat and the boy immediately perked up.

            "Oh! Hi, Cole," he said while fumbled inside with unseen buttons. The gate finally opened and the boy gave him a sheepish smile. "Go right on in."

            "Thanks, Johnny," Cole called to him as we drove through the gate and on a gravel road lined with tall, old trees. As we neared the school, more and more people began showing up in the grassy, forested areas around us. Most were just sitting around and talking, but some were messing with their powers. Rocks were in the air, water spun around... it was so crazy to me.

            We finally pulled along the back of the building where most of the people were gathered around eating. It was around dinner time and a nice day, so many of them were sitting at picnic tables or on a blanket on the ground. There were only a few parking spots and cars as Cole pulled into one and put it in park.

            "Listen," he started. "People are going to stare at you and whisper and such, it's all very high school. You're new and we don't get many new people around here. They all mean the best but they're not very inconspicuous about it."

            I shrugged and he got out the car as I following suit. All the chatters of the common area dwindled down as it seemed that all eyes were on Cole and I. He ignored everyone and went to the trunk to grab our things. Once he did, he nodded his head towards a door for me to follow him.

            While the outside of the building was pretty, the inside was the same. There were few doorways but Cole and I went down the hallway until the very end that held double doors leading into a room. Cole knocked and the doors opened to reveal a middle-aged woman sitting at a desk.

            "Hello, glad to see you're back," she said while getting up and holding out her hand to me. "I'm Patricia Galen. It's so nice to finally meet you, Taylor."

            "Likewise," I smiled as we all took a seat.

            "So I see that you all ran into a Catcher along the way," she raised an eyebrow up from underneath her glasses. I must have had a confused look on my face because both her and Cole laughed. "I'm a Mind," she answered the questions that hung out in my head. "I can read your thoughts."

            I got uncomfortable at that point because I have always liked my head and thoughts being my own but that isn't the case here. She cracked a slight smile at my discomfort but continued on without saying anything about it.

            "This is Supernatural Abilities, the place where people like us train to protect ourselves and kill those who threaten us--The Catchers. I know Cole has told you other specifics so I won't bore you with all that again. We will let you get all settled in tonight and tomorrow we'll test you on where you place in our ranks."

            "Where is she going to live?" Cole asked and Galen turned towards the computer to search for something.

            "Why don't we put her with Claire? After all, Bethany left a month ago and she's your friend as well. Might as well introduce her to your friends while we're at it, right Cole?" I was confused at her words but Cole gave her a face while Galen laughed. She turned towards me and said, "You're going to like it here, I can tell. You'll learn so much but at the price of leaving the people you love behind. As Cole said, it's for their protection as well as yours that you do this."

            "I know," I mumbled and she gave me a small smile.

            "Well, if that's everything, I'll let Cole show you to your new home for a while. Claire is a nice girl. Loud, but very nice. See you tomorrow, Taylor, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone here."

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