Chapter Seventeen - The Proof

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There was screaming all around me, but I couldn't see any faces through the dense smoke and dust. It was a mess of all the elements, fighting while I stood in the middle doing absolutely nothing. Completely frozen, in shock.

"Taylor!" I heard a familiar voice yell at me. "Get the hell out of there!"

And that's when I woke up.

I was gasping for air while my skin shone with sweat. Beside me, Claire was still sleeping away as if nothing was happening. I envied her, but these visions came along with my Mind ability.

Looking at the clock, it was almost time for me to get up anyways and because I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep after having a vision like that, I decided to start getting ready for training with Sophia.

I had undergone several sessions with her in the days that have passed but never truly achieved much. I felt myself understanding more and gaining a better grasp of the power that was inside me, but I was never able to hold on to any of it to bring out new skills and because of that, I faced the wrath of Sophia.

But today was different, as we would now be put into the rink to fight against other Supernaturals who were not in the Big Six. Some have already thrown fits about this, claiming that they're being set up for failure. The only response to that is something along the line that if we, meaning the Big Six, don't have practice then everyone is doomed.

You know, happy thoughts.

Pulling on my usual Mind attire and after doing my daily bathroom activities, I headed out into the already warm and humid outside despite it being the morning. I decided to just go to our training room and start warming up. Hopefully Sophia would appreciate the fact that I was taking the initiative and starting my day off early and right.

As expected, I was the first one to the specified Big Six training room. I eyed some weights in the corner and picked one up, bringing it over to myself. I wasn't the strongest physical person, but would lifting this count as doing arm curls?

The door suddenly opened and in walked Leona, making me drop the weight with a bang. Her prominent green eyes showed surprise when she saw me in there, most likely not expecting anyone, let alone the person who usually oversleeps to be here already.

"Oh, hello there," She said, her voice gentle. I hadn't really had the chance to connect with Leona or William yet, the other two people in the Big Six. I'm not too good at making new friends but if I had to work with these two, I guess I had to become an expert at socialization as well as my ability.

"Hey," I said and gave her a smile. "Couldn't sleep so I got up early and came here. Are you usually awake before the sun rises?"

She shrugged and put down her bag. "Once the earth's up, so am I. It's a characteristic of most people with my ability."

"Huh, I didn't know that."

She grinned, showing off some white teeth that shone brightly against her dark complexion. "You're still new here and getting the hang of things, so I wouldn't expect you to. However, I am surprised that you're learning so quickly. You seem to have really gotten used to this sort of life in the couple week you've been at SA."

"Kinda had to," I muttered, rubbing at the back of my neck. "Especially with this whole Big Six stuff, I never had the choice to just give up or say no."

Leona gave me another little smile. "And you're doing a good job here, from what I can tell."

"Thanks," I said in both surprise and happiness at her compliment. "That really means a lot."

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